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How is the interest determined?

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Interest on a loan

You can take out a loan with various lenders. As you have probably noticed, every lender offers a loan with a different interest rate. Of course you want to take out a loan with the lowest possible interest amount. When you apply for a loan through us, it will be transferred to various banks. This way you can choose from different providers and you can respond to the best offer.

Determine interest based on risk profile

The interest on a loan is determined on the basis of the applicant's risk profile. When an applicant poses a small risk to a lender, the interest rate will also be lower.

Interest on a personal loan

When you choose a personal loan, you will receive the amount in your account once. With a personal loan you know in advance where you stand. You pay a fixed amount each month consisting of interest and repayment and the term and interest are fixed. A personal loan is generally applied for to pay a large amount once. Consider, for example, the purchase of a new car or the financing of an extension. The disadvantage of a personal loan is that the loan amount cannot be withdrawn again; you experience less flexibility than with a revolving credit.

Interest on a revolving credit

A revolving credit is requested to withdraw money several times over a longer period. The interest charged on a revolving credit is variable and can vary over the term. With a revolving credit you experience more flexibility than with a personal loan. The monthly amount consists of interest and repayment.

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