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Borrow money for a holiday home?

It is estimated that 1 in 20 Dutch families have a holiday home in the Netherlands or abroad. Buying that holiday home can have several reasons. Perhaps you buy a holiday home or a second home abroad to enjoy it on beautiful summer days, or in your case it is an investment property. Some of the holiday home owners buy the house from their own resources, others choose to finance their holiday home with a loan.

Is the interest on the loan deductible for your holiday home?

As you may know, you have to deal with a mortgage interest deduction in the Netherlands. In short, this means that the interest that you pay on the loan is deductible when the loan is used to purchase or improve the home in which you primarily live. This means that the interest you pay on the loan for a holiday home is therefore not deductible.

Borrowing options for a holiday home with us

Other than applying for a mortgage to finance your holiday home or second home, you can request your personal loan or revolving credit via For more information about applying for a mortgage or another loan, please go here . Read further below for more information about borrowing money for a holiday home .

Personal loan for holiday home

With a personal loan for financing your holiday home, you know exactly where you stand: you borrow an amount once, with a predetermined amount of interest and a fixed term of the loan. This way you will not be faced with surprises afterwards. Do you also want to take out a personal loan at the lowest possible interest rate? Request a personal loan without any obligation .

Revolving credit for holiday home

With a revolving credit you experience flexibility. It ensures that you have extra money at your disposal indefinitely. A revolving credit offers the solution when, for example, you are in the middle of a renovation and want to make structural monthly payments.

The interest on a revolving credit is calculated on the outstanding amount. The monthly amount that you pay for a revolving credit consists of interest and repayment.

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