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Borrow money for kitchen

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The kitchen is the place where you get together with family and friends to enjoy cooking. Do you want to update the kitchen and appliances? Then that can quickly be a considerable expense. You can apply for a loan through us for the renovation of a kitchen.

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Borrow money for a kitchen

You can apply for a personal loan and a revolving credit through us to realize a new kitchen. We are an independent party and mediate between different lenders. You want to borrow money for a kitchen: which loan is most suitable for this depends on your personal situation and wishes.

A personal loan to finance a kitchen

Do you want to receive a one-off amount and repay it monthly at a fixed interest? Then a personal loan is a good option for your situation. A personal loan is often requested to make a major purchase, such as a kitchen remodel. With a personal loan you know where you stand. The loan amount, the interest and the repayment period are determined in advance: this prevents surprises afterwards. This way you can renovate a kitchen without any worries.

Are you using a personal loan to renovate the kitchen of your own home? Then you can deduct the interest from the income tax. The option to deduct interest is only possible with a loan where part is repaid monthly. This is the case with a personal loan, but not, for example, with a revolving credit.

A revolving credit for a kitchen

If the kitchen renovation is part of a larger renovation, a revolving credit can offer a solution. A revolving credit has no fixed term and thus offers the possibility to withdraw a sum of money over a longer period.

The interest on a revolving credit is calculated on the outstanding amount. The monthly amount that you pay for a revolving credit consists of interest and repayment. The interest on a revolving credit is variable.

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Frequently asked questions about borrowing money for a kitchen

What does borrowing money cost for a kitchen?

If you choose to take out a loan through us for a kitchen, the mediation is without additional costs. We receive a fee from the lender in the form of a commission.

How does borrowing work for a kitchen work?

You can apply for a loan for a kitchen through us by telephone and via the website. In addition to your personal details, you also provide information about your income and housing costs. This information is necessary to assess whether you can take out a loan in a responsible manner. When we have received a complete application, it will be assessed by the acceptance department. The application is then sent to 5 different banks. When at least 1 of the lenders makes an offer, it will be presented to you. You have the choice with which lender you want to take out a loan.

Apply for kitchen financing

If you want to borrow money for a kitchen, you can submit an application through us. How much you can borrow and at what interest depends on a number of personal factors. We act as a mediator when you decide to borrow money for a kitchen. We submit an application to various lenders. This is how we ensure that you get the best offer.

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