3D scanners, “injection suites” and spa environment


The desire for natural-looking results — in a chic, luxurious setting — was part of the reason psychologist and entrepreneur Ida Banek created Ouronyx, alongside co-founder Marc Princen, a former executive at Botox maker Allergan. “I had been reading the signs of aging on my own face for a few years, and one morning I looked in the mirror and looked sad and worried. But I was reflecting emotions that I didn’t feel at the time. She tried a subtle amount of filler and Botox a few years ago when she was 44 and was impressed when a friend commented that she just looked like she had just come back from vacation – not like she has obvious injectables.

They found there was a real demand for that invisible, undetectable injected look. Eighty percent of customers who visit one of six Italian Ouronyx stone-clad “injection suites” today are over 40 and come with the same request: to look better, not different. . “We make our clients more comfortable with the aging process,” says Banek. The London clinic is so successful that Banek opens one in the galactic setting of Zaha Hadid’s The Opus in Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates, having a cosmetic doctor on a speed dial is part of ordinary life.

Of course, the new clinic will have the 3D scanner, which is just as important for old clients as it is for newcomers. Through the scan, doctors can see how much filler is left on your face, so there’s no risk of overfilling. Filling breaks down at different rates from person to person, so this targeted approach makes sense. All the better as it shows up in a clinic whose waiting room is as beautiful as an art gallery – there are digital works by British artist Dominic Harris on the walls of the London space – and a make-up expert on hand for post-treatment, every patient looks like they’ve just stepped out of a private club, not a doctor’s office.

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