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Revolving credit

A revolving credit with an interest from 4.5% without hassle and surprises. Loans with low interest rates and clear conditions.
With a revolving credit you experience flexibility. It ensures that you have extra money at your disposal indefinitely. A revolving credit offers the solution when, for example, you are in the middle of a renovation and want to make structural monthly payments or when you decide to invest in yourself and can pay part of a training every month. Whatever your personal loan goal is: a revolving credit offers the space you need.
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When you apply for a revolving credit, the lender takes a number of personal factors into account. We act as a mediator when you decide to borrow money. We submit your application to various lenders. This is how we ensure that you get the best offer.

Revolving credit

Withdrawing amounts of money flexibly
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Cheap, low interest
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Frequently asked questions about a revolving credit

Is revolving credit right for me?

A revolving credit is a consumer credit . With a revolving credit you can flexibly withdraw and repay money. You may take more in one month than in another. And that works out well. Because you only pay interest on the amount that you have withdrawn from your revolving credit. Another additional advantage of a revolving credit is that you are not bound by a fixed term. You can withdraw a sum of money at any time for an indefinite period of time. Of course, the credit has to be paid off at some point. Many lenders make it a condition that the revolving credit has ended before retirement age.

If you want more financial freedom for an indefinite period and you do not find it a problem that this is accompanied by a variable interest, then a revolving credit is a good solution for your situation. A revolving credit has no end time, provided you reach the age limit of 60.

What is the maximum I can borrow with a revolving credit?

The maximum amount you can request in revolving credit depends on your personal circumstances. Think of your income and other fixed costs. The interest charged on a revolving credit is determined on the basis of the outstanding amount. The interest you pay on a revolving credit is variable. This means that the interest can be higher in one period than the other.

What is the interest on a revolving credit?

The interest on a revolving credit depends on several factors. First of all, the interest is different for every lender. In addition, the risk profile of the applicant is also taken into account: the less risk you bear, the less the risk premium in the interest rate is. A family in which both partners have a permanent contract of employment with an owner-occupied home carries less risk than a student who still lives in rooms. This method of determining interest is called Risked Based Pricing.
How is a revolving credit repaid?
With a revolving credit you pay off an amount every month. This amount consists of part repayment and part of (variable) interest. An advantage of this is that you pay interest on the amount you have withdrawn.

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