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Financing a caravan or camper?

Borrow cheaply with an interest from 3.5% without hassle and surprises. Loans with low interest rates and clear conditions.

Do you want to experience the freedom of your own camper or caravan this summer? Or go on your ultimate journey through Europe? A caravan or motorhome offers the possibility to come and go wherever you want. Can't wait to get out there? With the help of financing you can soon be on the road.

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The financing for a camper or caravan that suits you

When you buy your caravan or camper, this is often a one-time purchase. We offer two different types of financing: the revolving credit and the personal loan. Because you plan to take out your financing for your own caravan or camper, the personal loan is a logical option. Do you want to be able to withdraw an amount every month to finance your caravan or camper? Then the revolving credit offers the solution.

Take out a personal loan to finance a caravan or camper?

Are you going to purchase your camper or caravan in one go? Then the personal loan offers the right option. With the personal loan you know exactly where you stand: you receive a one-off amount, with a predetermined interest rate and term. The monthly amount that you pay consists of repayment and interest. This way you will not have any surprises afterwards.

Personal loan

Large amounts of up to $ 150,000 possible
Always pay off
Also possible as a revolving credit
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Frequently asked questions about financing for motorhome or caravan

How much does it cost to finance a camper or caravan?

Do you want to take out financing through us for your own camper or caravan? Then the mediation is without additional costs. We receive a fee from the lender in the form of a commission.

How do you arrange your financing for a camper or caravan?

You can apply for financing through us by telephone or via the website. In addition to your personal details, you also provide information about your income and housing costs. We need this information to assess whether you can take out financing for your camper or caravan in the correct responsible manner. When we have received a complete application, it will be forwarded to the acceptance department. The application is assessed there and then transferred to five different banks. When there is an offer from at least one bank, you will receive a message from us. You can then choose yourself which lender you want to take out financing with.

Apply for financing for your motorhome or caravan

Would you like to take out financing for your own camper or caravan? You can request this through us. This application is sent to several banks. As soon as you have made the choice for a bank and all the paperwork is in order, you will receive the amount in your account.

What can I borrow?

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