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Do you want to calculate a possible loan? This is possible via our handy calculation tool. By answering a number of questions about your personal situation, our tool gives an indication of the maximum you can borrow through one of our lenders. You may be curious about what you can borrow and what costs are involved. We are happy to tell you more about that.

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You can do a loan calculation through us based on a number of data. This is calculated on the basis of the gross amount of housing costs and your income. When completing the calculation, it is useful to have at least this information at hand.

Only borrow what you need

It is nice to have an indication of the amount of your maximum loan. Nevertheless, we always recommend that you only borrow the amount that you actually need. This way you avoid unnecessarily high monthly costs.

Calculate monthly amount

Our calculation tool calculates what amount is responsible to borrow based on your personal data. In addition, assess for yourself whether you can really miss the amount per month. The amount you pay per month consists of part repayment and part interest on the outstanding amount.

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Calculate your loan

What does borrowing money cost?

Do you choose to take out your loan through us? Then the mediation is without additional costs. We receive a fee from the lender in the form of a commission.

How does borrowing work?

You can apply for your loan through us both by telephone and via the website. In addition to your personal details, you also provide information about your income and housing costs. We need this information to be able to assess whether you can borrow an amount in a responsible manner. When we have received a complete application, it will be forwarded to the acceptance department. There the application is assessed and then transferred to 5 different banks. When there is an offer from at least 1 bank, you will receive a message from us. You can then choose yourself which lender you want to take out a loan with.

What do you pay attention to when taking out your loan?

Before taking out your loan, there are various points that you should pay attention to. This starts with the interest rate of your loan up to the term of your loan. We explain a number of important points below:


It does not matter how big or small the loan amount is. Borrowing money always costs money. Because borrowing already costs enough money, it is wise to look in advance at the lenders with the lowest loans. The lower the interest that you have to pay, the less your loan actually costs. You can take out your loan with numerous lenders. Compare the different offer carefully in advance and choose the lender that suits you best. Lenders can charge the same interest rate for everyone. In addition, there are also lenders who determine the interest rate based on your personal information. The lenders of Your True Colours base your interest rate on your personal financial situation. The lower the risk, the lower the interest.


It is possible to choose to take out a personal loan or a revolving credit. With a personal loan, the term is determined in advance. With a revolving credit, the term of the loan becomes longer as you withdraw an extra amount within the loan.

If you opt for a long term, you pay off a smaller amount per month, but you do pay a higher amount in interest. This is because you often pay interest on the outstanding amount within the loan. The higher your outstanding amount in debt, the more interest you have to pay.


How much you have to pay off each month depends on the amount of your loan. You pay the interest that you pay on the outstanding amount of the loan. This means that the more you pay off, the less interest you have to pay. It is nice to know that if you have just a month more to spend, you can pay off a little more than usual. This way you pay a lot less in interest next month.

Transfer loan

Do you already have one or more loans and would you like to take out another loan? It would be nice if you had the option to refinance your current loans. Especially when you have a number of expensive loans such as the red on your account. If it is possible to transfer your current loan (s) to a new loan, you often spend less money on the loans.

Age for taking out the loan

When you are already retired or about to retire, it can be difficult to take out your loan. This is because the risk that a loan cannot be repaid increases as you get older. So compare well with different lenders up to what age you can take out your loan.

Risk of death

It's annoying enough when someone dies. It gets even more annoying when the next of kin have to pay for his or her fault. It is possible to cancel these other debts by the next of kin. Survivors' protection must be taken out for this. If you do not want to run this risk, check whether this is possible while comparing the different loans.

What can I borrow?

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