Best Honeymoon Hotels in Montana


Best Wellness: The Ranch at Rock Creek

Rock Creek Ranch

Why we chose it: Luxurious, elegant and one-of-a-kind, this authentic western ranch has no shortage of options to entertain and delight guests.

Notable amenities: Horse riding, fly fishing and many other activities included with the stay; cleaning twice a day


  • All inclusive
  • Personal mountain bikes offered to each guest
  • Range of accommodation options for all types of travelers

The inconvenients

  • Spa services cost extra
  • A large property can be difficult to navigate

If you haven’t gone glamping yet, there’s no place like The Ranch at Rock Creek to dive in and experience the beauty and wonder that traditional campers rave about, but in a way much more attractive. This is a dude ranch with all the fixings – avoiding a la carte prices for a host of activities that can make you feel like you’re getting nickel is a big part of what makes that a stay at the ranch stands out. Adrenaline seekers will want to experience the ropes course, though an afternoon on horseback is essential, as is fly fishing, virtually mandatory for visitors to Montana.

Although you have to pay for spa services apart from the use of a sauna and a quiet relaxation area, you are on your honeymoon, so now is the time to opt for a CBD massage or something even more unique, like the Creekside Conestoga Wagon Massage, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a massage in a comfortable wagon parked alongside a creek – free nature soundtrack included!


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