Best of Hoboken + Jersey City 2021 – Winners Announced!


The wait is finally over: we have the winners for the Best of Hoboken and Jersey City 2021! After weeks of voting and local businesses working hard for your support, we finally closed the polls and counted the votes to see who won the title, and of course the bragging rights, to be. the “best” in town.

Winners – please note: an email will be sent with your virtual decal + a link to use along with instructions on how to get your physical decal in the New Year. Please send an email to [email protected] so that we have your most up-to-date email address. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who was nominated!

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Best Accessory Store: Brooke + Bel

Best Acupuncture Practice: Classical Acupuncture and Wellness

Best Art Gallery: Roig Collection

Best avocado toast: Tosti Cafe

Best bagel: O ‘Bagel

Best bar: Finnegan’s Pub

Best Hair Salon: Stags Only Barbershop

Best beer selection: Pilsener Haus Biergarten

Best BlowOut: Up & Out

Best Botox / Fillers: Evolve Med Spa

Best Breakfast Sandwich: O’Bagel

Best Hoboken Escape Company 2021: Tipy Tie Dye

Best Brunch: Anthony David’s

Best Burger: Onieals

Best BYOB Spot: Otto Strada

Best Chicken Parm: Augustino’s

Best Chiropractor: Hudson Family Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

Best Clothing Store: Brooke + Bel

Best cocktails: antique bar and bakery

Best coffee: bwè kafe

Best community event: Fête de la Sainte-Anne / Festival

Best cookie: Baking Mama

Best company born from Covid: Cre8ive Crayonz

Best nightlife event: Grand Vin

Best Daycare: Urban Jungle Play

Best cold cuts: Vito’s Italian Deli

Best delivery restaurant: Alfalfa

Best Dentist: Dental Associates of Hoboken

Best dermatologist: Schweiger Dermatology Group

Best Dessert Shop: Baking Mama

Best DIY Experience: Hudson Table

Best Dog Walker: Playful Paws

Best Espresso Martini: Il Tavolo

Best spot for eyebrows: Mystique Beauty 2

Best facial treatment: EC Beauty Studio & Spa

Best Woman-Owned Business: MOJO Coffee Company

Best Fitness Studio: Jane DO

Best Floral Design: Park & ​​Bloom

Best food truck: taste buds

Best fries: Elysian Cafe

Best Gift Shop: Washington General Store

Best gluten free menu: Bin 14

Best Hair Salon: Up & Out

Best Hairdresser: Chris from Up & Out

Best food for a hangover: Tony Boloney’s

Best healthy food spot: alfalfa

Best Hidden Gem: Barbes Restaurant

Best Home Decor: Luna Rose

Best Activity For Kids: The Little Play Co.

Best Children’s Store: Little Hoboken

Best lashes: Deka Lash

Best Liquor / Beer Store: Sparrow Wine & Liquor Co.

Best local influencer: @hashtagfoodpic

Best Local Maker / Craftsman: Handy Andy Hardware

Best Local Performer: James Calleo

Best Mac n Cheese: Zack’s Oak Bar & Restaurant

Best Makeup: Up & Out

Best Margarita: Oral

Best massage: Moonlight spa

Best Mutz: Vito’s Italian Deli

Best spot for nails: modern nails and spa

Best New Place to Dine: Olivia’s

Best Nutritionist: Lauren Cadillac

Best outdoor dining setup: Sorellina

Best pasta: Otto Strada

Best Personal Trainer: Susan Tee Fitness

Best groomer: Erica Li

Best pet store: Cornerstone Pets

Best Photographer: Marie Papp Photography

Best Physiotherapist: Hudson Family Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

Best Pizza: Tenth Street Pasta and Pizza

Best Plant Store: Soho Flower and Garden

Best restaurant: antique bar and bakery

Best restaurant with a view: Halifax

Best Seafood: Sirenetta

Best Sports Bar: Mulligan’s

Best place for a late night snack: Tony Boloney’s

Best place for visitors: Anthony David’s

Best spray tan: Blushtan Hoboken

Best steak: Dino and Harry’s

Best restaurant suitable for strollers: Pilsener Haus Biergarten

Best Sushi: Saku

Best Sustainable Company: bwè Coffee

Best taco: Oral

Best Tailor / Dry Cleaner: AAA Organic Dry Cleaners

Best Therapist: Anchor Therapy

Best vegan / vegetarian menu: Northern Soul

Best Virtual Service: Culina Health

Best Wedding Company: Up & Out

Best Wellness Company: Hudson Family Chiropractic and Physiotherapy

Best spot of the WFH: bwè kafe

Best wine bar: Bin 14

Best wings: Carpe Diem

Best Yoga Studio: Urban Souls Yoga

Notable Non-Profit: Mile Square Theater

Person of the year: Caroline Haines from For Cups Sake

Caroline Haines is a local mom in Hoboken, owner of the bakery company For Cups Sakes, and is a legend around Hoboken for her custom cookie art. This year, she is attempting to build the largest gingerbread village based on the town of Hoboken. Currently, a man named Jon Lovich holds the Guinness World Record for Largest Gingerbread Village. This record was set in January 2017 after Jon completed a village of 1,251 structures. Her plan is in motion as she builds businesses, monuments, parks and homes in Hoboken. It reproduces each business or building as a cookie in Hoboken, which totals over 1,700 buildings. By creating this village, not only will it break a Guinness Book World Record if completed, but it will also fundraise and educate local nonprofits including the Hoboken Shelter, Hoboken Food Pantry and the Hoboken Public. Education Foundation with its project. She is our Person of the Year at Hoboken 2021.


Best Accessories Store: Kannibal & Co.

Best Acupuncture Practice: Erin Kumpf Acupuncture and Herbs

Best Art Gallery: Mana Contemporary

Best Avocado Toast: Short Grain

Best bagel: Wonder Bagels

Best bar: Dullboy

Best hair salon: Virile

Best Beer Selection: WurstBar

Best BlowOut: Love Lane Salon

Best Botox / Fillers: Evolve Med Spa

Best Breakfast Sandwich: Sam am

Best Company in Jersey City in 2021: Gaia and Loki

Best brunch: kitchen step

Best burger: White Star Bar

Best BYOB spot: Corto

Best Chicken Parm: Laico’s

Best Chiropractor: Brian P. Corrigan

Best Clothing Store: Kanibal & Co.

Best cocktails: Dullboy

Best coffee: Café Lackawanna

Best Community Event: HDSID All About Downtown Street Festival

Best cookie: Bang Cookies

Best company born of Covid: Tia Planta

Best nighttime date: Battello

Best daycare: Brunswick school

Best cold cuts: Cangiano market

Best delivery restaurant: Le Hutton

Best Dentist: Modern Family Dentistry

Best Dessert Shop: Torico Ice Cream

Best DIY Experience: Bambino Chef

Best dog walker: Sofia to the rescue

Best Espresso Martini: Mathews Food and Drink

Best spot for eyebrows: Suite Tee

Best Facial: Gaia’s Cave

Best Woman-Owned Business: Busy Bee Organics

Best Fitness Studio: Jane DO

Best food truck: Angry Archie’s

Best fries: WurstBar

Best Gift Shop: Kanibal & Co.

Best gluten-free menu: Busy Bee Organics

Best Hair Salon: Love Lane Salon

Best Hairstylist: Meg Chase at Love Lane Salon

Best food for a hangover: The Hutton

Best Place to Eat Healthy: Busy Bee Organics

Best Hidden Gem: 15 Fox Place

Best interior design: Kanibal & Co.

Best Home Organizer: Space Composer

Best activity for kids: British swimming school

Best Children’s Store: Hazel Baby & Kids

Best eyelashes: the eyelash gallery

Best Liquor / Beer Store: CoolVines

Best Local Influencer: @msgiggles

Best Local Maker / Craftsman: The Lucky HoneyBee

Best Local Performer: Apollo Sonders

Best Mac n Cheese: White Star Bar

Best Margarita: Taqueria Downtown

Best massage: hi well-being

Best Mutz: Cangiano Market Square

Best Place for Nails: Cuteticles West Side

Best outdoor dining setup: Dullboy

Best pasta: Corto

Best Pet Groomer: Grooms by Tash

Best Pet Store: Picky Friends

Best Photographer: Photography by Esohe

Best physiotherapist: Liberty physiotherapist
Best pizza: Razza

Best Plant Store: Tia Planta

Best restaurant: Corto

Best restaurant with a view: Battello

Best Seafood: Just Beclaws

Best Sports Bar: Hudson Hall

Best place for visitors: Battello

Best spray tan: Suite Tee

Best Sushi: Domo Domo

Best Sustainable Business: The Lucky HoneyBee

Best taco: Taqueria Downtown

Best Tailor / Dry Cleaner: DeCarlos Bespoke

Best Therapist: The Me Project

Best vegan / vegetarian menu: vegetable based

Best wedding business: a petal to peddle

Best Wellness Company: SW3AT

Best Wings: The Hamilton Inn

Best Yoga Studio: Surya Yoga Academy

Notable Non-Profit: York Street Project

Person of the year: Elizabeth Schedl, Executive Director of the Hudson Pride Center

Elizabeth Schedl is the Executive Director of the Hudson Pride Center, as well as a dedicated community activist for LGBTQ + rights and equality. Schedl has been a member of the Hudson Pride Center team since 2013, as COO and Deputy Director before assuming her current role. Schedl is also the chair of the HIV / AIDS Early Identification Committee (EIIHA) and an active member of the Hudson County AIDS Initiative Executive and Minority Committees. She is a board member of the Municipal Alliance to Combat Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in Jersey City and Union City and is also a board member of the Hudson County Alliance to End Homelessness and the Human Service Advisory Council. She is our 2021 Jersey City Person of the Year.

the best of 2021 hoboken

best of the city jersey 2021

Winners, feel free to save this sticker for posting on your social media (we’ll also send them by mail – so contact [email protected] with a specific address if needed):

Congratulations to all of the winners and those who were nominated, and thank you to everyone who voted!

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