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Wellness gurus, biohackers, athletes, or anyone looking to improve their wellness practice most likely have an infrared sauna blanket somewhere on their wish list. If that person is you or a loved one, now is the time to make that wish come true. HigherDose hosts a sitewide Black Friday sale when you walk in DOSE2021 at the register. What would normally cost you $ 500 can be yours for just $ 394. Shopping this weekend can seem chaotic with all of the Black Friday bestsellers and deals, but this one in particular from HigherDose is worth the quick clicks. Read on for a full review of the brand’s best-selling V3 infrared sauna blanket.

There are two types of people in this world: those who jump at the chance to detox and relax in a sauna, and those who can’t stand heavy sweating. As a self-proclaimed sweat-seeker and wellness enthusiast, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the HigherDose sauna blanket that brings the beauty of an infrared sauna to the comfort of your home. The cover is currently a flagship item in the wellness scene, which particularly exploded during the Covid lockdown when home gym culture was at an all time high.


In a past life, otherwise known as pre-2020, you would find me occasionally in the infrared sauna at the spa and regularly in the hot yoga studio, 4-5 times a week. I was addicted to detoxification, the comforting heat and the energy boost that comes after a good sweat session. But because of the lockdown when gyms and spas closed, I ran out of my fix. The HigherDose infrared sauna blanket changed that and caused a whole new obsession with sweating in my living room.

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The nearly six-foot-long blanket has temperature settings ranging from 68 degrees to 158 degrees. So if you want a less extreme experience, that is also possible. The blanket comes with a control pad that plugs in to start cooking. Infrared bulbs cover the base layer of the blanket, while a special NASA material retains heat. It is recommended to wear loose cotton clothes, so that the bulbs do not get so hard. I was wearing a large cotton dressing gown and socks and was instantly transported to the spa.

What appears to be a very expensive electric blanket brings a myriad of benefits to the body. Sauna blankets aim to increase the thermal energy of the body, which can lead to detoxification, relaxation, reduction of pain or aches and calories burned. Essentially, the progressive extreme heat makes your body think that you are training by sweating toxins and burning calories. But really, you’re just lying there doing nothing. During my sauna blanket sessions, I’ll start a TV show, Facetime my mom, or practice a guided meditation. I find it most helpful to fix a hangover quickly with little to no effort.

HigherDose in particular (compared to other infrared sauna covers) prides itself on its product on Amethyst layers which allow deeper and more efficient infrared penetration. They say it increases mental acuity, improves circulation, and strengthens the immune system. And after using it three to five times a week for a month, I fully support these claims.

The feeling after a sauna blanket session is similar to that of stepping out of a hot and intense vinyasa yoga class. Your muscles are agile, you are completely deflated and you feel a sensation of sustained energy thanks to the blood flow of the whole body. It is a full body effect of optimal health.

Over the longer term, I noticed softer, hydrated skin, drank more water, slept better, and had more energy in general.

If you are looking for the best wellness gift to give to a loved one or just to treat yourself, now is your chance to try HigherDose’s top rated sauna blanket for less.

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V3 higher dose infrared sauna blanket

$ 499
$ 394

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HigherDOSE infrared mat

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Infrared sauna blanket insert


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HigherDOSE infrared sauna blanket insert

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HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask

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