(BPRW) Roscoé B. Thické III reflects on community and family life in his first solo exhibition at Oolite Arts | Press Releases


(BPRW) Roscoé B. Thické III reflects on community and family life in his first solo exhibition at Oolite Arts

(Black PR Thread) MIAMI BEACH Photographer, visual artist, veteran, community advocate and father of threethese are just a few words that describe Miami-born Roscoe B. Thicke III. From Feb. ten until May 15, the public will have the opportunity to see his impressive work at Oolite arts where Thické will begin his first personal exhibition, ORDER MY STEPS: There are no answers here, move on. Curated by Rosie Gordon-Wallace, the exhibition highlights a work rich in narration, centered around the Pork ‘n’ Beans projects in Liberty City. Thické’s work in progress, titled “1402 Pork N Bean Blue at The Intersection of Two Deaths”, chronicles the life of the housing project where he grew up and that of his late grandmother. Jhe picture explore the place as a way to remember and honor life and legacy both.

For Thické, photography starts with investigation. He says, “Narratives are built by asking questions and trying to capture the preciousness of memory, because we know nothing is permanent. This exhibition presents several bodies of work that have all been created with the aim of honoring and remembering. For me, having grown up in this place with these people, I knew I had to commemorate what was beginning to disappear right in front of me.

Chez Roscoe job touches on a feeling of cut what his family felt and families continue to feel in neighborhoods like Pork ‘n’ Beans,” said Gordon-Wallace, acclaimed curator, arts advocate, community leader and founder of the Diaspora Vibe Culture Arts Incubator. “It wasn’t until Roscoe joined the military and lived in different places that he gained a new perspective on Miami beyond the few blocks where it grew up. It shows you that even in isolation there is joy, there is family, there is commitment, there is life.

On the occasion of the exhibition, Oolite Arts will collaborate with IlluminArts to present Roscoè B. Thické III: Parables at The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse in Wynwood at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 16. This musical and spoken performance event marks the fourth year of Oolite Arts’ partnership with IlluminArts and will weave Thické’s photography and stories with music sung by “vocally sumptuous” (ChicagoTribune) soprano Whitney Morisson.

Through a narrative developed and designed by Thickened and poet Arsimmer McCoy, this dramatic presentation will introduce the public to the work of the artist. The musical program will feature works by Terence Blanchard, Jessie Montgomery, Nina Simone and more. Tickets are free and will be available to the public from February 23, 2022 via Eventbrite here.

About Oolite Arts

Oolite Arts helps Miami-based artists advance their careers and inspires the cultural community to engage with their work. Founded in 1984, Oolite Arts is both a community and a resource, providing visual artists with the studio space, exhibition opportunities and financial support they need to experiment, grow and enrich the city. Through its educational programming, Oolite Arts helps Miamians discover contemporary art and develop their own artistic skills.

Oolite Arts exhibitions and programs are made possible through the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and Council for Cultural Affairs; the Mayor of Miami-Dade County and the Board of County Commissioners; the Miami Beach Mayor and City Commissioners; the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture and the Florida Council of Arts and Culture; the national endowment for the arts; the Funding Arts Network and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. For more information, visit oolitearts.org. Follow @oolitearts on social media.

About IlluminArts

Music and Art in unison. Concerts in a new light. Founded in 2013 by Artistic Director, Amanda Crider, IlluminArts understands Miami’s desire to experience innovation in the arts. IlluminArts collaborates with museums and galleries to present world-class, site-specific, curated music programs inspired by current visual art exhibits. Following a desire in our programming to shine a light on social issues, we recognize the power of the arts to inspire thought, dialogue and action by exposing audiences to performances that not only entertain, but also engage. IlluminArts has collaborated with the de la Cruz Collection, Oolite Arts, ICA Miami, Pèrez Art Museum Miami, Lowe Art Museum and the Bakehouse Art Complex among others, and has received funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Miami Dade County, Awesome Foundation, City of Coral Gables, Miami Salon Group and New Music USA for supporting our work. For more information visit: www.illuminarts.org

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