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Do you know the difference between the vulva and the vagina? What is self-cleaning? Have you ever looked – as with a close examination – your vulva?

These are some of the questions that Spa Esprit Group asked in its national “Enter the Y-Zone” survey. The online survey, which is part of the company’s latest “Voyage to the Vulva-verse” campaign, found that more than half of participants never looked at their lower regions in the mirror and 17% did. ashamed of the way their vulvas see.

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“The Voyage to the Vulva-verse campaign aims to create open and honest conversations around the vulva and intimate care, which is important if we are to continue to break taboos and change perspectives. We want to stress that the vulva, as a natural and beautiful part of the body, should be seen as a positive celebration and not as a celebration of shame and embarrassment, ”said Spa Esprit Group founder Cynthia Chua.

In addition to the anonymous survey, eight local artists were commissioned to create original pieces for an art exhibition on the theme of the vulva to shed light and offer new perspectives on the still taboo subject. Amanda Tan, Ashley Yeo, Hee Suhui, Tan Sze Yan, Kimberly Tan, Kristal Melson, Polina Korobova and Yana & Jun will exhibit their work on female anatomy at the Hatch Art Project (7 Yong Siak Street) from September 10-22. Pre-registration is required.

A treatment room in one of the Strip’s outlets

Of course, the vulva worm is not without some specialties of intimate care. Head to Strip with its new AFT Brazilian and Rosebud Vajuvenation pack that combines a session of the latest light hair removal procedure and a non-invasive anti-aging treatment to improve vulvar skin laxity. From Two Lips, New Outgrown is formulated with grape seeds, honey and black seed sativa to inhibit ingrown hairs while reducing irritation and itching for clearer, smoother skin.

There are also a handful of quirky and quirky promotional products, such as enamel pins, coin pockets, and motel key chains, available at the Beauty Emporium, created to support the local nonprofit Go With The Flow. 20% of every purchase made by December 31 will be donated to the cause, which hopes to eradicate poverty and period shame as well as improve accessibility to menstrual care, especially in low-income communities in Singapore.


(Main and Featured Image: Kristal Melson via Strip’s Facebook)


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