Busy mom opens exclusive barber shop, overlooking the sea


Getting your hair done is more than dealing with those pesky split ends.

It’s the experience, the pampering and the luxury of sitting down and forgetting the world a bit.

This is the firm belief of Siobhan Shand, who has worked in the industry for 17 years.

But the ambitious mom of two wanted to offer something more to her clients and only took six weeks off after having her youngest child in a bid to make her dream come true.

Enjoy a coffee in peace in the countryside

Siobhan’s determination didn’t surprise her family, as her parents who were real estate developers instilled a strong work ethic in her.

The result is The Grange Hair Boutique, which is located at Mains of Portlethen Farm just outside Aberdeen, and opened in July.

The company has had the pleasure of visiting many elegant salons, but Siobhan’s vision has always been wonderfully different.

With stunning views of the sea and the countryside, the boutique offers an escape from everyday life.

You can sit outside in the courtyard and enjoy a coffee, with the ribbon of blue sea on the horizon.

What a view!

Siobhan prides itself on providing a rather exclusive experience, rather than bringing as many customers through the door as possible.

We met her and found out how her dream came true.

“I left school at 15 and went straight to James Dunn House,” Siobhan said.

“I was always very creative in school and didn’t want to go to college. I always knew I wanted to do something with my hands.

“I managed to build a good client base and worked at James Dunn for nine years.

Siobhan is passionate about making customers feel good.

“After I got married, I knew that if I didn’t try to go on my own, I never would.”

Siobhan rented a chair for another eight years, but the end goal of owning his own living room was still in sight.

“I have always been ambitious and wanted to do my best in life,” she said.

“I had my second child and we also built our own house.

“My husband’s parents have a farm. It was as if we had this opportunity not only to build a house, but also to have a living room next door.

“There are both sea and field views. We are only a 10 minute drive from town, yet we are in the countryside.

“Customers feel like they are away from the hustle and bustle and leave relaxed and rejuvenated. “

Siobhan is keen not to take too many customers at once, so the salon retains that exclusive feel.

With high ceilings and cool white decor, the boutique has a stylish, trendy look without much effort.

The decor is fresh and inviting.

“I wanted to create something really modern and bright with a slight airy feel,” Siobhan said.

“I love the high ceilings and the natural light that comes in.

Relax and sit back.

With climate change, Siobhan is now seeing people altering their preferences for a more wintery look.

“The key is to keep a boutique relaxing and exclusive, I think it offers something different from other salons,” Siobhan said.

“Some clients now lie down between appointments, I think they have realized that they can let their natural color grow rather than coloring it all the time.

“A few people have developed their natural color all together.

“People always love a bouncy blow-dry, and at this time of year clients tend to tone down blonde and go for more fall colors.”

Siobhan offers anti-stress massage as part of the service and may offer other beauty services in the future.

Siobhan thinks she’s offering something a little different.

“We’re attached to a double garage, so if I ever wanted to go the beauty route, the option is there,” she said.

“I always want to continue to be successful in life, so I’m going to see how the business is going.

“I’m looking for a stylist or maybe someone who wants to rent a chair, but I want to make sure the store doesn’t become a noisy and busy place.

New home, new baby and new business – it’s all gone, but that’s how Siobhan likes it.

“It has been a busy year, my husband also started his own business called Prestige Decorators, with six employees now,” she said.

“I’ve always given him that helping hand because you never hear people say they regret starting their own business.

“If you think about it, go for it.

A massage is part of the service.

“I’m pretty proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished. I hear people say they don’t like their job, but I like mine.

“I like coming to work every day, it makes me really excited.

“I like to make people feel good because I can provide a special experience compared to a bigger, more frequented salon.”

You can find out more at @TheGrangeHairBoutique on Facebook and Instagram.


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