Corinth Quarter, PV’s newest mall, fills up – 5 stores open, 1 more on the way


Prairie Village’s new shopping center, Corinth Quarter, is filling up.

Kitch, a meal prep company, plans to open from mid-September to the end of September, co-owner Braden Posey said. He moved next to Scissors and Scotch, also owned by Posey and his business partner Phillip Stewart.

The 25,776-square-foot development near Mission Road and 83rd Street – across from Corinth Square – now has six tenants, with more underway, according to the developers.

Kitch, a meal preparation company, is the latest tenant to install signage in the Corinth district. The company plans to open from mid-September to the end of September.

Kitch owner Braden Posey said he and his business partner Phillip Stewart, who also owns Scissors and Scotch next door, couldn’t find a meal service business they are passionate about.

As a solution, Posey said he wants to start a business from “the grassroots” with a focus on tasty meals that can accommodate multiple diets such as keto, Whole30, vegan, and vegetarian.

Posey said the Corinth Quarter stood out from them because it was a development in the making – and the Prairie Village location will serve as a hub for future Kitch storefronts.

“It’s just a phenomenal place, the demographics of the area are great,” Posey said. “There have been other successful restaurant businesses, and the beautiful thing is that everyone needs to eat. It’s not a cut-throat business – literally, each person needs three meals a day.

Kitch will offer around 35 meal options, Posey said, which will be refreshed every month. Customers can order online for delivery or take out, or they can sign up for subscriptions ranging from four to 12 meals per week, he said.

Posey said more Kitch locations are headed for the coming months, but Prairie Village will be home to their main kitchen.

The goal is for Kitch to remain local, although it is possible to replicate the model in markets nationwide, he said.

Below is an overview of the other current tenants in the Corinth district:

In addition, the First Watch franchise that was on this site remains open for business.


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