Dyson Supersonic vs. GHD Helios


Find the best hair dryer on the market is more important than ever at a time when we are increasingly opting for DIY beauty and striving for the perfect blow-dry at home.

The hair dryer is no longer the old humble tool we would grab for quick and coarse drying. On the contrary, it is now a multitasking status symbol that we seek to equip ourselves with all the skills of a qualified professional. And any beauty fan will know that whether we are looking for the best blow dryers for curly hair or the best blow dryers for fine hair, there are two remarkable models that keep coming back above the rest.

The Dyson Supersonic made waves among beauty enthusiasts when it launched in 2016 to be the brand’s first foray into hair care. Decades of obsession with Dyson’s pioneering suction technology have made us all crave a piece of the unique beauty launch, while the whispers on its sleek magnetic clips and unmatched power have made it a staple on wish lists around the world even today.

And then, of course, there’s the GHD Helios – the newest addition to the must-have hair brand family. This is everything we love about previous GHD dryers, but improved with a faster motor and a more streamlined look.

But does one or the other of these high-end dryers really win out over the other? We put them to the test to find out …

What is the special feature of the Dyson Supersonic?

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

(Image credit: Dyson)

Dyson has a way of developing products that make us all more than happy to let go of our sensibilities and part with mind-blowing sums of money for the best hair straighteners, a home fan, or a cordless vacuum.

And it’s no different with their first hair tool. When it launched in 2016, the Supersonic set a new standard for hairdryers, with its unique compact design that always packs a punch in the power department.

Running on the same famous Dyson technology used in the brand’s vacuum cleaners, the Supersonic produces a concentrated jet of air that styles hair in seconds, while making blow-drying a pleasurable experience for the user thanks to its intelligent distribution of hair. weight and quiet operation.

Hair drying has really hit new heights with this one …

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Weight: 659g
Power: 1600W
Speed ​​settings: 3
Heat settings: 4
Rope length: 2.5m
guarantee: 2 years
Available colors: Iron & fuschia, black & nickel
Supplements: 5 styling accessories included


We wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Supersonic looks like something sent to us by the beauty designers of the future. A complete overhaul of the typical hair dryer, it departs from the traditional form and instead opts for a small donut barrel that works without the usual dust-covered blade. With a chic yet comfortable matte handle and magnetic nozzle tips, it is establishing itself as the stylish and thoughtful option in the hair dryer market.

Sleek speed and temperature control knobs also move away from the usual bulky switches, with subtle colored lights to indicate which setting you’re using. We love the Dyson gray and fuschia coloring as well, but for anyone who wants a fiercer or more neutral color, there’s a black and nickel option as well.

Technical performance

Although it is quieter than most of its competition, the dryer lives up to its name with its power. Sounding more like a sci-fi spray than a hair dryer, the Supersonic emits a controlled high-speed airflow to dry strands in seconds.

A smart heat control function that regulates every 20 seconds, along with four different degree options, also maintains optimum temperature, so hair dries without being tousled for a shinier finish.

User experience

With nifty features wrapped in a neat little package, the Nimble Supersonic allows for effortless styling and the relatively light weight, coupled with a motor hidden in the handle, rather than in the barrel like other dryers, distributes the weight so that your hand can rock the tool comfortably, which means no more sore arms no matter how thick or hard your hair is.

There are also three different magnetic nozzles that help create favorite styles, whether straight, curly, or slick. Plus, the lack of the usual vent on the back means stray strands of hair are no longer at risk of being sucked into a blade.


The Supersonic’s easy handling and jet-like motor means the hair is slicked back but with a beautiful natural bounce. The use of negative ions by the dryer also eliminates frizz more than what we’ve seen in any other dryer. The hair was soft to the touch and shiny to the eye – what more could you ask for?

What is the special feature of the GHD Helios?

GHD Helios professional hair dryer

(Image credit: GHD)

GHD set the benchmark in hair care long before Dyson entered the scene. And just like their latest straightener, the GHD Platinum +, their newest hair dryer dwarfs all of its predecessors.

Not only does the GHD Helios look beautiful in each of its six stylish color options, it also has a very powerful motor. Exceptionally high wattage means you get a muscular 120 km / h blast of air through the concentrated nozzle, and its streamlined design makes it comfortable to use.

The geniuses of GHD have done it again …

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Weight: 1.495kg
Power: 2200W
Speed ​​settings: 2
Heat settings: 3
Rope length: 3m
guarantee: 2 years
Available colors: Black, neo-mint, powder pink, ink blue, white, plum


It might not have the high-tech finesse of the Supersonic, but the Helios is beautiful on its own. Stunning colors and a chic swirling vent give it a neat look while simple switches allow for seamless use.

Technical performance

A high horsepower motor makes the Helios slightly faster than the Supersonic, with reduced frizz and flyaways thanks to the tool’s Aeroprecis technology, which controls the powerful airflow.

We have found that the hair dries slightly faster with the Helios; However, despite the custom acoustic system to reduce noise, it was slightly louder than the Dyson.

User experience

While the actual weight of the Helios looks staggering for a hair dryer, its streamlined, well-balanced design means it doesn’t feel bulky at all and the weight is unnoticeable.

The nozzles can be quite stiff to change, so that’s certainly a point for the Supersonic, but the well-placed switches keep you guessing whenever you need to adjust speed or temperature.


Much like the Dyson, the Helios left hair shiny and elegantly blow-dried with envious bounce. The locks weren’t as smooth as with the Supersonic, although it followed its competitor in frizz control.

Dyson Supersonic vs GHD Helios: the verdict

In all fairness, the decision with this one can be superficial. The Supersonic and Helios cut down on drying time compared to most of their competitors, with powerful motors that set hair up in seconds and flatten frizz while pushing out roots to increase volume.

If you want to push us to choose, we’d say the Supersonic’s sophistication makes it a winner for us. The enhanced features and futuristic look will make any beauty fan feel like they are ahead of the game, and the magnetic nozzles are the convenience we never thought we needed but now can’t live without. .

We also found that the hair felt slightly softer to the touch after using the Dyson, which could perhaps indicate that the temperature control is working behind the scenes to leave the hair looking healthier. It was also more comfortable to use than the Helios, given its compact design and smart weight distribution, so if you’re someone who combs their hair properly and consistently, we think the investment is worth it. .

That said, the Helios will give you nearly identical results for a fraction of the cost and in a slightly faster amount of time. Plus, it also looks luxurious enough to complement any dressing table, with vibrant colors you can match with your carefully chosen home décor. So if you’d rather save your savings for another smart investment, then the Helios will give you everything you need from a top-of-the-line dryer.


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