Fantastic Flamboyant Hair Shades: Interview with Annie at Studio Eight


Annie looks at Studio Eight with a smile. | Kat Delaney / The Snapper

The Studio Eight | Kat Delaney / The Snapper

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At a glance, some of us find ourselves in a hair salon or hair salon, not caring too much about our hair; for some, however, hair goes beyond looks; some see hair as art, with every work of art having an artist. In downtown Lancaster, across the sidewalk from North Lime Street, an artist sweats, cuts and styles hair with what can only be called passion.

Annie, who works at Studio Eight, has had many great clients in her past. On Annie’s Instagram, @anniekdoeshair, you can find quirky, alternative and inspiring hair types, truly capturing Annie’s talent as a hairstylist. The Snapper had a fantastic opportunity to interview Annie; we asked Annie about the inspirations, or in better words, what philosophy drives Annie to design the distinct, bright, and colorful hairstyles that separate her abilities from the rest.

People express their creativity in different ways, and Annie found herself showing her creativity through clippers and hair dye. As a waitress for about seven years, Annie began looking at the different paths and avenues available to her at the time, eventually finding herself following her mother’s advice: to study cosmetology at the Lancaster School of Cosmetology. .

However, the path wasn’t as clear as one might think, as she started studying at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like most of us, Annie was uncertain about her future; with so much going on in the world, it was a little daunting for most of us. Studying cosmetology mostly online, Annie wasn’t sure what the future held for her or how the aspects of online learning would shape her abilities as a stylist.

In a turn of events, Annie eventually ran into Kate and Jane, who both work at Studio Eight. After having worked there for only two years, Annie has only good words for her job. The central philosophy of its expression – the art of hairdressing and hairdressing – comes from youth. Annie said: “A lot of young people are revolutionizing hair.” From high schoolers to college students, Annie says young people are driving her creativity, redefining the hairstyles of the past. With their ability to marvel and dream of something different; it is the provocative insight of youth that creates inspiration for us all. A mulberry-crimson colored mohawk, a neon clover mullet – all help characterize Annie’s distinctive style, all of which are nurtured by the exciting and talented young people Annie meets on social media and in the living room.

Still having a lot to learn, she mentions that she is looking forward to the future of her career, hoping to continue in the profession of hairstyling, delivering shiny, glamorous and eye-catching styles that few can imagine. Annie is always accepting new clients; you can find more of his work through his social media accounts. She is available to contact via Instagram or a walk-in visit to Studio Eight.


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