GBY Beauty launches secret boutique and gallery in the heart of Manhattan


MANHATTAN, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2021 / GBY Beauty is a beauty company focused on breaking the boundaries of the industry. It offers a wide variety of services designed to inspire, drive change and impact lives.

Beauty has a lot to do with character. While some people vehemently focus on the strength of their physical attributes, some extraordinary people go beyond the mundane by emphasizing the importance of attitude. GBY Beauty, a burgeoning beauty company based in the heart of Manhattan, demonstrates how its cutting-edge approach is redefining the fields of beauty, art and cosmetics.

GBY Beauty is a pioneering company that is currently making waves in the beauty industry due to its unconventional strategy to market itself. Unlike other beauty companies that focus on catapulting them to the top of the industry, this dynamic company sets itself apart from the rest by recognizing beauty in its most distinctive form. GBY is not only bringing something new to the business, but it is also looking to set a refreshing standard in one of the fiercest industries in the world.

Created with passion by two beauty powers and best friends, Courtney Casgraux and Kendra Studdert, GBY Beauty transcends limits, exceeds expectations and breaks barriers by taking the industry to another level. It serves to introduce a wide variety of beauty services designed to enhance both outer and inner beauty of a person. In other words, GBY Beauty seeks to promote holistic beauty through its unconventional approach and revolutionary methods.

While GBY Beauty’s services speak volumes about their dedication to craftsmanship, this pioneering company is more than meets the eye. By continuing to challenge the status quo in a highly competitive industry, GBY has set the bar high by promoting a new strategy in the field of beauty. Instead of establishing itself as a go-to beauty company, GBY is on a mission to showcase beauty in its most authentic form. As a result, this emerging power chose a location nestled in the heart of Gallery Row in West Chelsea in Manhattan.

“Most beauty companies go for places that give them visibility. However, I wanted the beauty to be experienced intimately. In this way, beauty is enjoyed in the most unconventional and perfect way possible, ”said Courtney Casgaux, co-founder of GBY Beauty.

In addition to offering a wide variety of beauty services, GBY Beauty will soon unveil a gallery that will allow people to be more culturally inspired while showcasing new talent across the space. In this way, GBY continues to materialize its vision of promoting metaphysical beauty.

“This is the moment we’ve worked so hard for. A lot of people might not understand our approach to beauty, but we want to focus on artistry that impacts life,” added Courtney .

As GBY Beauty continues to revolutionize the industry, the founders hope to inspire more budding tycoons to dig deep into the business and find more groundbreaking initiatives that allow people to gain more perspectives in the beauty field. He also hopes to continue to broaden his horizons, motivating others to transform and bring about change around the world.

To learn more about GBY Beauty, you can visit her website.

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Phone number: (714)396-1835


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