Interactive art exhibit arrives in Miami and it’s all about Monet


For those who loved the interactive exhibit of Van Gogh’s most famous works of art that have taken over Miami in the past, great news! It is the turn of the impressionist master Jean Claude Monet to turn his works into interactive pieces of art.

Monet sought to capture the feeling of nature, sound, feeling, movement and light in his environment and translate it onto canvas; here on Beyond Monet, his paintings to become the environment, a park made of art. In the Beyond Monet exhibition in Miami, the public can experience his art as Monet himself walked in his lily pond.

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Impressionism and Claude Monet

Claude Monet is one, if not the most important and renowned artist of the Impressionist movement. The popularization of the term “impressionism” comes from one of his early paintings Impression, Sunrise, a watery and fuzzy seascape of the harbor of Monet’s hometown of Le Havre.

Impression, Sunrise and many of Monet’s works were scandalous breaks with the tradition of 19th century art and truly changed the course of art history forever. (Index: Impression, Sunrise is one of 400 works of art visitors can see on display at Beyond Monet in Miami, alongside other iconic paintings like Poppies and the Water lilies series.)

The Impressionist movement is generally considered to have started in the 1860s, when many future protagonists of the movement met in the art academy circuit and began to share a taste for a different approach to that of art. academic at the time; instead of the grandeur of mythological and historical paintings, these students, including Monet, were interested in painting their everyday surroundings, landscapes and the everyday life of their time.

The initial reception of Impressionist art was mixed and ridiculed as unfinished, non-technical work lacking in quality. After many rejections of their work by the Paris Salon, the annual art exhibition in Paris, Monet and other artists organized their own Salon in 1874. In a review of this exhibition, one critic used derisively the word “impressionist” to describe the quality of the works, a term which ended up winning the favor of the public and the artists.

Impressionist art does not have many specific rules like previous style schools might have had as it was formed and developed by artists who went out of the ordinary and the expected, seeking to create something out of the ordinary. different, looking at the world as it was and depicting with a loser, freer brushstrokes and composition. It became the most important art movement of the 1800s and changed painting as it was known at the time.

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Monet’s style

Monet’s work is often considered to be almost synonymous with the Impressionist movement, characterized by a preference for landscapes, exploring light and its moving nature, attempting to portray reality through ambience and well, the impression it had on him. Monet’s central method, like most Impressionists, sought to capture their surroundings through emotion and perception rather than precision, emphasizing sensation over realistic detail – sunlight reflecting off the sea at Le Havre, the water lilies floating on its pond, or the rolling green of the plans of Parisian parks instead of the great mythological representations considered as “great art” genres.

Details about Beyond Monet in Miami

Interactive exhibits as we understand them have been a thing in art since the 20th century, when installation, performance, and urban intervention formats began to take off. Over the past decade, the logic of installation and the advent of technology have given rise to a new type of exhibition: interactive and immersive exhibition environments creating a whole new way to experience the works of art of old masters.

Using a combination of high-quality projected images of historical masterpieces, animation, sound and installation, interactive exhibits have brought the work of artists like Renaissance master Leonardo Da Vinci to life. and his French-speaking impressionist colleague Vincent Van Gogh in a multisensory way never before experienced. . Now it’s Monet’s turn to join in the fun.

After traveling across Canada, Beyond Monet by Paquin Entertainment Group and Normal Studio brings water lilies and misty sunrises to Miami, Florida.

At Miami’s Ice Palace Studios, previously an ice factory from the 1920s, more than 400 works of art by Monet will be on display in conjunction with video game play, animation, music and sound effects. The exhibition spans 50,000 square feet of artistic space, a one-hour artistic experience.

Tickets are on sale now to visit Beyond Monet and enter the famous Impressionist world of Claude Monet in Miami.

  • Site: Ice Palace Studios, 1400 N Miami Avenue
  • Tickets: $ 23.99 for children up to 15 years old, $ 36.99 for adults. Premium and VIP tickets are available. (Tickets are sold with 15-minute timed breaks from each other to avoid overcrowding.)
  • Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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