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Former 90 Day Fiancé star Larissa Lima doesn’t always use plastic surgery to refresh her look. Recently, Larissa wowed fans with her new hair.

Ancient 90 day fiance Cast member Larissa Lima’s gorgeous new hair is wowing her Instagram followers. Larissa is known to change her appearance so often that she is now almost unrecognizable. The mum-of-two from Brazil who moved to the United States to marry Colt Johnson has since undergone many transformations. While Larissa started off losing weight, she soon turned to plastic surgery and never looked back. Fans are often shocked when they see how much Larissa has changed. But what surprises them the most is that she is no longer the Larissa they first met on. 90 day fiance.

Larissa’s honesty has won her a new group of fans and friends. Larissa’s unexpected dismissal from 90 day fiance came at a time when she had just completely reinvented herself. Larissa has moved on from her ex-husband Colt and their abusive relationship. She then dated Eric Johnson and spent $72,000 on plastic surgery. But just when Larissa debuted her Kylie Jenner look on camera, she also did a private internet show that got her into trouble. Larissa did not accept defeat and became an OnlyFans star. There was news that Larissa was earning $40,000 a month. And amid Larissa’s deportation rumors, she’s still looking pretty in America.


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As she strayed so far from 90 day fiance as possible, Larissa’s online popularity continues to grow. She is a seasoned Instagram influencer and often promotes branded offerings on her page. Fans are always eager to know where Larissa gets her amazing swimsuits and cute outfits from. This time around, Larissa revealed the secret behind her luscious hair. Larissa posted an Instagram Reels video (via @joys_secrets) to show off her brand new locks. She wrote about the salon offering the best invisible and human hair extensions in Las Vegas.

As usual, Larissa saved the comments for her IG post. She had suffered from online hate in her past. Recently, Larissa claimed to have been targeted by social media bots as well. This led Larissa to completely deactivate her Instagram. But Larissa came back stronger from the cybercrime situation. Not only is her follower count growing, but fans are also approving of Larissa’s new content. The Las Vegas resident currently has over 650,000 followers on her page. Certainly, her admirers will rush to the hair studio to have their hair extensions done, just like their favorite celebrity.

After 90 day fiance, Larissa’s critics may have expected her to leave the United States and return to Brazil. But Larissa has certainly proven everyone wrong as she seems to be thriving. It seems likely that Larissa will never return to TLC after everything that’s happened between her and the network. But given Larissa’s fame and curiosity about her life, it’s possible that 90 day fiance fans won’t mind seeing her star in her own reality series.

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Source: Larissa Lima/Instagram, @joys_secrets/Instagram

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