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It might not have been the most reliable phone connection they’ve ever had, but Sandy Nelles had some great news to share with her husband, Scott. And despite all the static and weak voices, she was determined that he would hear every last word.

It was 2008 and Scott was stationed in Iraq while Sandy worked as a property manager at an apartment complex in Lewisville. It had been another stressful day at work for Sandy, who hadn’t spoken to her husband in a few days and was practically in tears as she walked to a facial appointment she had scheduled about a week before. .

But something incredible happened in that living room – something that would quickly change their lives for the better.

“I had never had a facial before,” Sandy said. “I just remember that day was tough, but when I walked in they had essential oils, soothing music, warm beds…I was like, ‘What is this?’ I didn’t even know what the word beautician meant, but I kept asking questions: ‘What are you putting on my face?… How did you get into this business?’ »

She added: “It was a whole new world for me and I had to tell Scott. It was an uneven call with him in Iraq, but he heard the excitement in my voice about that facial. magic. I told him that I wanted to change careers.

Fast forward to today, and Scott and Sandy are the proud owners of the hugely popular mod facial + maskbar company in Flower Mound. Focused on what they call “the mod way”, the mod company is the perfect blend of the results-driven mentality of a medical spa and the uncompromising relaxing nature of day spas. All of their facials last 50 minutes and allow clients to mix and match a variety of techniques and technologies to create a personalized facial experience. Their business model is also unique to their business model, their One Society Skincare, a line of natural and organic products that caters to everything from acne and anti-aging needs to treating customers with darker skin tones and Moreover.

Whether you’re a veteran facial customer or a newbie, the mod company’s team of professionals have your back.

“We’re breaking the queue to do a good job and do the right thing for our customers. Our Google reviews prove it,” Sandy said. The establishment has a staggering 231 reviews on Google alone. “I don’t know many spas that can claim that.”

Scott agreed, adding that their leap of faith was the best decision they could have made.

“When we started, we didn’t even know if we would make it,” he said. “We kept thinking, ‘What if no one comes through the door?’ But at the same time, it felt like such a big change. It’s impressive to see the growth.

This growth is all the more impressive considering that the facial + maskbar mod society has only been open for five years. During this time, they not only hired a fanatical team of relationship-minded employees and launched their own skincare line, they also moved into their new location at 5801 Long Prairie Rd., Ste. 860. The new facility is twice the size of the previous one and marks the start of a major change as Scott and Sandy decide to franchise the business of their dreams.

“This new, larger space will allow us to provide a better experience for our customers,” Sandy said. “And by franchising this year, we’ll be able to share our one-of-a-kind facial experience with more people. We’ve already received so much interest. We’ll have people coming over the holidays and saying, ‘Oh, I’m from San Francisco… are you considering opening one there? You hear this a couple of times and think, “Man, I guess we’re really onto something here.” That’s a great feeling and we’re excited to see where that will lead us.

The aforementioned Google reviews are certainly helping to generate some buzz. Here are a few :

“You can’t go wrong with the mod company or their skincare line. The services are professional in a clean and friendly environment. The staff work hard to analyze your needs and provide the services that will work best for you to look your best! — G. Marks

“Always an amazing experience! I’ve had really bad acne for the past 10 years, and nothing has helped more than the witchcraft the staff here work on my face. Thank you all for helping me on my skincare journey. — A. Siddiqui

Going back to that phone call from 2008, the idea of ​​jumping into something new was not a foreign conversation. After 10 years of working in Corporate America, Sandy was exhausted. She wanted a career that was rewarding and that would help others, and they had tinkered with a few ideas here and there over the years.

But nothing jumped off the page until that fateful day when she got her first facial. So, like any loving, supportive husband would from over 7,000 miles away, Scott said go for it.

Sandy jumped in with both feet, immediately visiting several local beauty schools to find the right fit. After graduating, Sandy started working at a medical spa and eventually dipped her toes into entrepreneurship by renting a salon suite in Plano. That’s when she had a vision for a facial bar with community-style spa treatments for the whole family. They started brainstorming spa ideas, but the vision just seemed too unattainable and out of reach.

“At that time we were living in Double Oak and had infant twins. Who in the right mind would start a bricks-and-mortar business with twin toddlers? Sandy said with a laugh. “But we felt the urgency that if we didn’t start the business then, we probably never would. I remember walking past the empty retail space for about six months, terrified of committing to a physical store with a five-year lease. But against all odds, we decided to take the plunge and launch the first facial bar in the DFW area.

“It’s been fun, stressful, rewarding — it’s been every emotion you can think of,” Sandy said. “We hope you may one day be on vacation outside of DFW and see a mod company spa and feel good knowing that this franchise started in your hometown of Flower Mound!”

To learn more about the mod facial + maskbar company, schedule an appointment, or seek franchise opportunities, visit modfacial.com or call 972-876-9527. You can also email them to [email protected].


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