Miami, Florida-area barber shot dead in pull-out parking lot, cops say



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The suspect in the Sunday murder of Miami Gardens barber Oneil Anderson claimed they were arguing over a Range Rover when he shot Anderson outside Love Cuts Hair Studio, according to an arrest report.

Radcliffe Buttler of Hollywood told Miami Gardens police that Anderson stole a Range Rover from his car dealership, and during their argument in the mall parking lot at 18391 NW 27th Ave., Anderson reached out to a pocket on his belt. The report said Buttler responded by shooting Anderson “at least three times to make sure he didn’t get back up.”

The report says nothing else about the Range Rover. But he said the Ruger Sturm 9mm handgun used in the shooting, serial number 32820226, was reported stolen in a car burglary in Boynton Beach.

Buttler, 47, pleaded not guilty to charges of second degree murder and use of a weapon in the commission of a crime. A search for Florida corporation and LLC registration did not turn up any company for which a “Radcliffe Buttler” is an agent or officer.

Buttler was on bail after a 2019 arrest in Broward County. In that still pending case, he has pleaded not guilty to possession of heroin with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, as well as driving without a license and illegal license tag on the car. . The arrest report says the temporary tag number on Buttler’s car didn’t come back connected to any vehicle.

In 2013, Buttler received two years probation, a county jail term and paid $1,533 in fines after being charged with felony possession of marijuana, failing to obey an officer and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Flowers were laid outside Love Cuts Hair Studio on Sunday and Monday.

‘They argue…’

People in the nail salon next to Love Cuts saw, according to the arrest report, Buttler and Anderson talking as they stood between a Range Rover and a pickup truck in the parking lot around 4:30 p.m. Sunday. When someone said, “They’re arguing,” according to the report, a man in the nail salon realized Buttler was holding a black handgun pointed at the ground.

Then, according to the report, the man told police he saw Buttler shoot Anderson and then begin talking to him while shooting him a second and third time.

“The witness said he thought [Buttler’s] the pistol malfunctioned or jammed a bullet in the slide because he kept cocking the pistol slide backwards, trying to clear the jam,” the report states.

Buttler chased away two men, then turned back to the nail salon. The man exited the nail salon and walked towards Buttler, who threw his gun at the Range Rover. This gave the man a chance to grab Buttler and attack him, which is where police say they found Buttler.

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