Nail technician opens salon in Colchester after moving from Vietnam


A VIETNAMIAN hotel manager turned nail technician revealed how she traveled 6,000 miles around the world to open her own salon in the city center.

Ella Slaughter, 34, lives with her husband Michael and their daughters at Abbey Field, Colchester, after moving permanently to England in 2019.

The mother of two previously worked in five-star hotels and owned a bar in Vietnam, having studied hotel and business management in Switzerland.

To take this course, however, Ella, who traveled a lot, first had to learn English in Cambridge, who was educated in Taiwan.

After deciding to end her hospitality career in order to spend more time with her family, she decided to open Ella’s Nail House in Trinity Street.

“When I came back to England I wanted to do something different because now I have a family and young children and I can’t work in hotels anymore,” she said.

“That’s why I learned to do nails, so I could start my own business – I owned a bar in Da Nang, so making the jump to start a business wasn’t something new to me.

“I had planned to open in 2020 but had to delay due to the coronavirus, but then I decided that was the year to go.”

Ella’s Nail House offers high quality products, 2000 different gel colors from famous brands, nail extensions, manicures, pedicures and much more.

The venue can also host group parties for specific celebrations and during the summer will serve cocktails and wines to its customers, in addition to free soft drinks.

Ella, who is excited about her new business, added, “We take care of our customers, their satisfaction is our top priority and I’m happy that all of our customers are happy and coming back.


“We try to keep our staff and customers safe and so we do Covid testing every morning before entering the salon and wearing masks and washing our hands all the time.

“I am proud to say that my salon is different from others in Colchester – we provide five star service and we make sure every customer is happy when they leave.”

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