Rare Canadian Falcon Sells For Over $ 93,000 In IFBA


RIYAD – A rare Canadian hawk, a beauty, was sold on Saturday, the eighth day of the International Falcon Breeders Auction (IFBA). The price hit a new record at the auction organized by the Saudi Falcons Club (SFC) at the club’s headquarters in Malham, north of Riyadh.

The auction was for a Super White Gyrfalcon farkh (less than a year old) from the Canadian farm “Jim Wilson Falcons”. The auction started on Saturday at $ 66,676 (SR 250,000), only to be sold after stiff competition that lasted about half an hour for $ 93,347 (SR 350,000).

The Canadian hawk is 18.5 inches long and wide and weighs 1,600 grams, making it the most expensive hawk since the IFBA started on August 5.

Faris Al-Faris, the spokesperson for the Canadian farm, said the farm produces around 300 falcons a year from Canadian and Siberian gyrfalcons of the same quality as the falcon sold at the auction on Saturday.

Al-Faris explained that the farm has been known around the world for its purest breeds since the late 1970s. It is the international farm which obtains the most first places in the Al-Mazayen competitions (falcon beauty contest) and in the falconry races.

He confirmed that the falcon sold was worth its price and these are their international prices. He added that another hawk was auctioned for $ 24,803 (SR 93,000) and revealed that a third hawk will be auctioned over the next few days.

The IFBA has witnessed the sale of another rare falcon for $ 71,994 (SR 270,000) from a Saudi breeder in the previous days, from the Al-Aradi Falcon Farm in Saudi Arabia. .

It was a “Saker Falcon” 17 and a half inches long, 16 inches and three quarters wide and weighing 1105 grams. Its owner will participate in the Al-Mazayen competitions for local breeding, the largest event of its kind, as part of the fourth edition of the King Abdulaziz Festival. – SPA


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