Rise in ‘no-shows’ impacting Twin Falls businesses


TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) – Visit Meraki Esthetics in Twin Falls and you’ll see a notice right on the front door saying by appointment only.

However, Reegan LaMoure, who operates her skincare business here, says those appointments don’t seem as reliable anymore as she sees an increase in no-shows.

“Last week alone I had six cancellations. My lowest priced service was $20, so let’s say I had six cancellations of $20, that’s over $100 in a week,” she said.

And she’s not the only one. Jordan Avalos, a permanent makeup artist in Twin Falls, went through the same thing. She says that as a part-time working mum, it’s hard to lose what are usually scheduled blocks of two to three hours.

“No call no show is important because I can’t fill spots, especially for permanent makeup, because that’s usually something people want to think about or have plans planned,” Avalos said.

To combat these no-shows, LaMoure says she sets up a reminder system and cancellation fees to pay for her wasted time and product.

Twin Falls cosmetologist Kim Earl said while she understands why some charge fees for “no-shows,” it’s not a working policy for her business.

“Life happens to people, things happen and if we implement this kind of policy, we’ve found that it’s not fair to people,” Earl said.

She added that her experience both at the salon and life experience, which includes raising a family, guided her to her current practices, as she explained “if we understand the situation, they [clients] are going to come back. »

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