SANYO DENKO Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and seller of specialty wires and cables, exports time-controlled blooming “cherry blossoms” to Singapore using its special temperature measuring cable “SAN-Thermo” as a new business .


The company plans to use the cable as a device to promote advanced plant temperature control.

SINGAPORE, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SANYO DENKO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toda-shi, SaitamaPresident: Michinari Ikawa), manufacturer and seller of specialty wires and cables, together with Vintage Management Pte Ltd (head office: Singapore CEO: Akira Yasuda), delivered cherry trees to Devonshire (Salon: 113 Devonshire Rd, Singapore 239878), a hair salon in Singapore.

Left caption: pre-blooming cherry blossoms on display at a beauty salon Right caption: pre-blooming cherry blossoms taken at Merlion Park

Cherry trees exported to Singapore this time are called Keio cherry trees, which are the specialty of Yamagata Prefecture for ornamental purposes with controllable flowering time. This Keio cherry tree was produced by Mr. Onodera and again won a prize this year in a Yamagata Prefectural Flower Contest (sponsored by JA Zen-Noh Yamagata, JA Horticultural Promotion Council and Prefectural Flower Producers’ Liaison Council). Temperature is an essential factor in controlling the quality and timing of flowering. The “SAN-Thermo” multi-point temperature sensor can measure temperatures at more than 10 times the number of measuring points of conventional sensors. SAN-Thermo is expected to be used to promote more advanced plant temperature management.

“SAN-Thermo” continuously records temperatures at several tens of points simultaneously at measurement intervals ranging from a few centimeters to several tens of meters. This time, four 2-meter sensor cables were suspended from the ceiling to continuously measure the temperature distribution at 20 cm intervals from the bottom of the Keio cherry tree (branch) to its tip, day and night.

We plan to continue checking temperature data and the condition of the Keio cherry trees. Additionally, in agriculture, we plan to use temperature data to assist and reconfirm, and in combination with communication devices, to measure and manage remote farmlands.

It can also provide support to newcomers to farming who lack “experience and intuition”.

According to Mr. Yasuda of Vintage Management, the company that handled the export of Yamagata Keio cherry trees to Singaporethe company plans to significantly increase the volume of Keio cherry tree imports from winter 2022 and will work with local ornamental plant dealers to distribute Keio cherry trees to hotels and restaurants across the island of Singapore.

“SAN-Thermo” has a cable shape of about 5 mm in diameter which can be extended up to 300 meterswith up to 40 freely configurable measuring points.

“SAN-Thermo” is increasingly used in a variety of applications, including the following: long-term temperature observation in Greenland glaciers, spatial temperature monitoring in data centers with supercomputers, agriculture (plant factories, vinyl greenhouses), fishing (academic research, aquaculture), engineering (motor units), logistics (warehouses, refrigerated trucks)

The structure to realize features such as flexibility, multi-point simultaneous measurement, light weight, compactness and waterproof was designed based on braiding technology in wire making and was patented in Japan (Patent No. 6185684), United States (US10,672,536), China (CN109196604) and Korea (No. 10-2171330).



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