Stafford Salon celebrates its second anniversary


A business in Stafford’s Market Square celebrates its second anniversary.

Paint & Powder is a hair salon housed in a 16th century building that has been completely renovated into a boutique, a bohemian salon experience while retaining its character.

Owner Katie Mulcahy even won a nationwide competition for the country’s ‘Best New Boutique Lounge’, despite being closed for much of her two-year period due to Covid-19.

Katie said: “I have lived in Stafford all my life and have worked across the country for several shows and brands. However, after starting a family, I decided to establish Paint & Powder in my hometown.

“Our salon operates a hybrid employee and freelance model – as many stylists have adapted since the Covid-19 hit and want full control over their working lives. We also operate a four day week for balance.

Speaking of the past few years, the 36-year-old added, “The pandemic has had such a negative impact on most businesses, and we had only been in the trade for three months when the first lockdown occurred. Fortunately, we have continued to build a loyal community of customers through our social media and word of mouth.

“The various grants and support aids from Stafford Borough Council have been invaluable, many small businesses like ours would not be around after the dust settled on the blockages. “

The second birthday falls on Saturday 4th December and to mark it, Katie will have a few celebratory drinks after finishing her job at the Stafford Lounge in Staffordshire.

She said: “As we enter our second year in business, we are delighted to build an excellent reputation as a specialist in ‘lived in’ color.

“We are also very excited about the rejuvenation that is happening in the downtown area, the market square is such a beautiful centerpiece for Stafford and we look forward to seeing what developments the council will make with the recent government funding they have received – now is a great time to be a new business in Stafford over the next few years!

“We will have some well-deserved wines to celebrate our second anniversary, and we are very grateful for everyone’s support so far.”

For more information or to make an appointment, visit their website.


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