Star Street, York’s first children’s hair salon, opens


TAKING children to the hairdresser can be a nightmare – for all sorts of reasons.

But a mother-of-two in York has turned a visit to the salon into a fun experience with the opening of the Star Street children’s salon in Poppleton Road.

Inside, it looks more like a playground than a hair salon — kids can sit in toy cars while they get their hair done, and the front desk is a replica motorhome.

The salon, which was opened by Dawn Murphy just three months ago, also organizes pampering evenings for children.

Dawn, mum to Scarlett, eight, and Caleb, five, says people come from all over to visit her and she is currently looking for part-time stylists to join the current team of three.

Sam Skolsky, manager left, Karen Teer, senior stylist right, owner Dawn Murphy, center, at the Star Street show in York

Tuesdays are designated as “quiet days” where parents can make appointments and have the salon to themselves, which is proving popular with families with children with sensory issues, Dawn says.

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This is Dawn’s story

Tell us why this company is special?

Star Street is York’s first hair salon dedicated and designed for children. We welcome all children regardless of any issues they may have had with hairdressers in the past and we have experience dealing with children with sensory issues. We provide child-paced haircuts, we have endless patience, and we’ll cut a child’s hair wherever they want – in a car chair, on a parent’s lap, on the floor – no matter ! We also organize cocooning evenings with hair braiding, nail polish and lots of glitter. Adults can also have their hair cut alongside their little one.

York Press: Parents can have their hair done next to their childParents can have their hair done next to their child

How did he adapt during the Covid-19 crisis?

All Star Street staff continue to wear masks and those accompanying their children are encouraged to do so. All stations are thoroughly disinfected between appointments. Gowns are sprayed between uses. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance. Card payments are preferred.

Has he won any awards. If so what and when?

Not yet, but we can hope!

WATCH: Inside the Star Street Lounge in York

What is your favorite story/anecdote about this business/trader?

We have had parents in tears because they are so grateful for our service. If we can continue to help parents in York with one less stress, then we have succeeded!

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