The most popular hairdressers in Knutsford


Where to go to the hairdresser?

We can’t answer this question for you, but you did help us find out where your favorite places to get your hair are in Knutsford.

Everyone has their choice, and rightly so, but if you’re looking to shop around, using your answers, we thought we’d help you find the most popular hairdressers in town.

Gareth West Hairstyle

The King Street barber shop was by far the most popular recommendation from residents, with shoppers screaming at Gareth’s shop in double digits.

Janet Bennett said: “Gareth at Gareth West, the best in Knutsford. ”

Fiona Barnes added, “Vicky at Gareth West always makes me look 10 years younger.”

Emma Lumley agreed with the majority as she said her choice was undoubtedly Gareth West.

Toni and Guy

The Knutsford store is on Regent Street. Operating as a franchise, many of the townspeople are fans.

Kay Callan Elgar said, “Bev at Toni and Guy. She recently had a fall injuring her hand. Hope she gets better soon, because my hair really needs a good cut. ”

Lisa Benskin also said: “Steph at Toni and Guy Knutsford. I have been going to see her for 10 years and I would not use anyone else.

ADT Hairdressing

The Mobberley-based studio defines itself as a “friendly and relaxed living room”.

And among several names like their favorite hair salon, Cheryl Johnson sang her praises.

“ADT Mobberley always does a brilliant job,” she said.

Richard Harrison Hair

Richard, who was a former style director at Toni and Guy, operates on a home service basis.

Nicola Arnell said: “Richard Illingworth-Harrison only does amazing colors, cuts, brushes and extensions.”

Michael and Sally, the two clients of Richard’s salon also said that he was amazing and that he was their choice, without a doubt.

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