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  • PS is a luxury lounge at LAX where you bypass the airport with TSA private security and a driver.
  • Once reserved for celebrities and dignitaries, PS now includes Salon, a second, more accessible option.
  • I previewed Salon and tried PS and found it to be the height of luxury and also felt safer against COVID.

I’m a travel writer, but like most, I was afraid of air travel during the height of the pandemic. I chose to take my family only for local getaways from our home in Los Angeles to Airbnbs in Palm Springs or Big Bear by car.

This summer, however, finally seemed like the right time. But a few days before our trip, with the Delta variant peaking, we were worried about crossing our crowded LAX home airport.

Fortunately, there was an alternative that allowed us to bypass the airport completely and take our Delta flight directly. It’s called PS (short for “Private Suite”) and it’s a favorite among celebrities and dignitaries who want to wait for their flight in privacy, pampered with perks like individual TSA checkpoints, prepared meals. by a chef, spa showers and even a driver to take you to your plane waiting on the tarmac.

As such, PS is expensive, prohibitively expensive for many. Thankfully, they’ve opened a second new offering called Lounge which offers a similar self-sufficient and indulgent airport experience, but for much less.

I previewed Salon and walked through PS – here’s what you need to know about each and what my experience was like.

What is the Private Suite (PS) at LAX?

PS, or Private Suite, is a private luxury service for travelers on commercial flights to LAX. Although it is adjacent to the LAX airfield, it is not actually in the airport. On the contrary, it allows travelers to avoid the terminals altogether.

Instead, customers arrive at the PS and check in just like you would at a hotel. Travelers spend their time relaxing and preparing for their flight in a chic, ultra-private lounge stocked with essentials, meals prepared by an on-demand chef, and dedicated staff.

How does Private Suite at LAX work?

When you book a room at PS, it’s just for you and your travel party. No one else will be waiting with you for the duration of your time until your flight.

PS recommends that customers arrive 90 minutes before a domestic flight or two hours before an international flight if they are checking their baggage. You can arrive up to three hours before your flight, and if it is delayed, you can stay as long as you want.

When it’s time to take a flight, control room staff and team members choreograph the experience so that it runs smoothly and transparently, in coordination with government, security and law enforcement. airline officials behind the scenes. PS escorts walk you through the process with TSA staff.

There is no pre-screening process to use PS and you do not need TSA PreCheck or a first class reservation. In fact, TSA PreCheck status means nothing here since the process is speeded up anyway.

Immediately after travelers pass through a private TSA security checkpoint (there is no waiting from that point), chauffeured BMWs are on hand to transport them directly to the tarmac when it’s time to catch their commercial flight.

Currently, PS is only offered to LAX but has ambitions and plans to open in the main metropolitan airports. Expect MIA next, and JFK probably not far behind.

How much does the Private Suite cost at LAX?

With such white-glove treatment, it’s no surprise that private suites at LAX are very expensive and not an option for most people. It has always been a favorite among celebrities, dignitaries and top executives demanding discretion and the ultimate in luxury.

Each suite can accommodate a group of four travelers and the experience costs $ 4,350 for a group of four non-members, or $ 3,250 for the group if booked by a member.

Membership is an option but not an obligation. Annual individual membership costs $ 4,500 and includes free services such as valet parking, car maintenance, chef-prepared meals for in-suite and on-the-go, handcrafted cocktails, in-suite massages. suite, manicures, hairstyles, children’s toys, use of the spa members’ shower, and members can even have a concierge doctor wait in their suite.

Members can also be driven home directly from the aircraft door for domestic arrivals. For this service, called Direct, the cost is $ 3,450 for up to four travelers. Each additional traveler is $ 500.

What is included in the private suites at LAX?

Each private suite is accompanied by a team of agents specially assigned to coordinate your speech.

All suites have a private bathroom, with a spa shower available on request. Order food, drink, and travel gear from a menu provided as part of the fare, or pay a little more for off-menu requests.

Each suite also has a premium TV and entertainment devices, and free Wi-Fi.

Transportation to and from the PS location is not included but can be arranged on request through black car partner Alto for an additional charge.

The price includes a private TSA screening experience, dedicated customs and immigration services on arrival, and a driver to or from the plane, plus all taxes and fees.

For members, parking, vehicle detailing and spa services are all included. Non-members can pay them à la carte.

What is the Salon?

Since July 30, 2021, PS has opened a new offer called Le Salon.

The LAX Lounge is for business travelers, couples, or anyone who doesn’t need an entire suite to themselves or wants a luxury experience at a lower price.

How much does Salon cost?

The price of the Salon at LAX is $ 695 per person for members and non-members. PS members traveling through The Salon receive complimentary valet parking, car maintenance and checked baggage.

How is Le Salon different from Private Suites?

Unlike the private suites which are completely secluded and exclusive to the group of up to four travelers in the space, the living room is only semi-private. It’s designed for single travelers or couples who want to avoid the airport and don’t need all the perks or seclusion of suites.

Cocktails and bites are always included, and no guests under 21 or pets are allowed. However, they are in the suites.

The living room is a bit like an ultra-chic lounge in the lobby of a hotel, complete with a long bar and lavish seating groups. It’s significantly improved over an airport lounge since you avoid the airport, public screenings, and group boarding. It comes with a luggage porter and the same flight coordination as PS, plus a ride to the tarmac (in a Mercedes Sprinter van with others on your flight), just in a semi-private environment as opposed to you -same.

The security process also works the same as with private suites, except that Lounge customers can go through it with other travelers who are on the same flight.

Private Suite or Living Room: Which is better?

If you have the budget and the opportunity, the Private Suite is unmatched in terms of luxury and privacy. You will not meet anyone outside of your travel party other than the staff. However, the Salon can accommodate up to 50 people.

For travelers using the Lounge, two showers are available on a first come, first served basis, while suite travelers have access to showers on request.

Both feel lavish and come with private TSA screening, dedicated staff including a baggage porter, and rides to the tarmac to completely bypass the airport.

The best comes down to your travel expectations. For a sumptuous and exclusive experience, best suited to groups and families, there is nothing better than the private suite. For the solo traveler who wants to avoid the airport but doesn’t need an entire suite, the Salon is a much smarter option, not to mention a more affordable option.

Who should book the PS or the Salon?

The suites are ideal for groups and families because the price includes entry for four, and because children are welcome in the suites but not in the Salon. The same goes for pets. And, of course, PS is the best choice for celebrities who want to go unnoticed.

Solo travelers or couples should opt for the Lounge rather than paying a bill for four.

How to book PS or Salon?

Book both the living room and the private suites online at the website.

Annual members can reserve their place as far in advance as they wish. Day members can book up to three months in advance.

PS is asking for 48 hours notice in order to coordinate with airlines, TSA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and to comply with airport security regulations.


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