‘Thirty Nine’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Chan Young’s Warm Goodbye


Chan Young’s parents have started living with her to spend their remaining time with their only daughter. In the previous episode of “Thirty Nine,” Jin Seok’s wife agreed to a divorce, considering Chan Young’s situation. He can now love Chan Young without feeling guilty for letting his family down. Mi Jo has had a disappointing revelation about her birth mother that she wishes she never had. In the latest episodes of “Thirty Nine,” Chan Young and his loved ones live in fear and anxiety as they wake up each day to the news of Chan Young’s death.

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Mi Jo cuts ties with her real mother

After Mi Jo met her biological mother in prison, her mother started sending her creditors to Mi Jo to make her pay the debt. When Mi Jo tells this to her adoptive mother, she discovers that her mother and father have been sending money to her biological mother for nine years. Mi Jo visits her biological mother again in prison, for the last time. When Mi Jo tells her that she won’t keep any contact with her anymore, her mother replies that it’s a child’s responsibility to take care of their parents.

Mi Jo is frustrated and comes to say that no parent should abandon their child. Before Mi Jo was adopted by her current family, she was disowned by two families because she was always scared and didn’t speak at all. She met a good family, fortunately, and they raised her as their own child. She was able to become a doctor thanks to them. She doesn’t need to worry about her biological mother because she never cared about her. Mi Jo is grateful to have such a caring family because she wouldn’t have a good life if she was with her biological mother.

Chan Young’s condition worsened as the days passed. She cannot live without taking painkillers every day. She had lived optimistically until now, but depression took her day after day. She lies in her bed all day and refuses to meet anyone or leave the house. She has a lot of thoughts in her head. She enrolled in a columbarium and also had her funeral photo clicked. Mi Jo forces her out of the house and takes her for a drive at night. Chan Young tells Mi Jo about all her worries and her desire to do something for her parents before she dies.

Joo Hee helps Chan Young click natural and happy photos of herself because she doesn’t like the one she got clicked on in the studio. She doesn’t want her funeral photo to be the one she doesn’t like. Chan Young wants to renovate his parents’ restaurant, and Mi Jo, Joo Hee, Jin Seok, Seon Woo, and Hyun Joon help him out. They spend a memorable time together working, eating and singing songs together like a weekend. They create memories to keep forever.

A special brunch for Chan Young

Chan Young’s days are numbered, but as she nears her end, things get scarier than expected. She knew she would suffer but didn’t know how long she would have to endure. She is hospitalized with painful cries. The doctor suggests that she stay in the hospital in case it happens again, but that’s the last thing Chan Young wants to do, literally. She recovered in the hospital, but it’s suffocating her and she can’t sleep. While walking around, she enters a funeral home, and upon seeing this, she wonders what her funeral would be like.

After registering her own funeral location and taking her own funeral photo, Chan Young made a list of people she wants to invite to her funeral. She doesn’t want everyone in her repertoire to know about her death. She wants a nice funeral even if she won’t be there to see it. His friends and family are frustrated with his behavior like this, but they can’t show it. It hurts them when Chan Young spends her time preparing her death rituals when she should be doing fun things, enjoying life, and smiling.

She gave the list of people to Mi Jo and wants her to take responsibility for calling them to her funeral. Mi Jo can’t stand Chan Young’s negative approach anymore and decides to throw a party for her. Mi Jo and Joo Hee call everyone on the list and invite them to brunch. Chan Young has no idea. She goes out for brunch with Jin Seok and is surprised to see all the precious people in her life together. A person meets many people in life, but only some of them leave a mark. At the end of his life, when we look back, all the memories we remember have these people in them. Chan Young had made a list, considering the same, and everyone gathered to see their friend in a happier way than a funeral.

‘Thirty Nine’ Ending Explained: Quality Over Quantity

Chan Young’s parents return home and ask Jin Seok to take care of their daughter. Jin Seok asked Chan Young to marry him several times, but she refused each time. Seon Woo has met Mi Jo’s family and their marriage is on the way. Joo Hee opened her own nail salon next to Hyun Joon’s restaurant, and as Chan Young wanted, they started dating. Life goes on, and on a cold night, everyone wakes up to Jin Seok’s phone to hear the sad news they’ve painfully anticipated. Chan Young leaves them and his memories remain.

Jin Seok still lives in Chan Young’s house. He wanted to marry Chan Young to be known as Chan Young’s husband, but they couldn’t get married. He still lives there because they were partners whether they were married or not. He often visits his girlfriend’s parents and helps them in their restaurant. Chan Young had asked Mi Jo to visit her parents on their birthday and give them their annual medical checkups. She also made Mi Jo promise that she would meet with Jin Seok every two weeks so he wouldn’t feel lonely. Chan Young had planned and prepared everything in advance before going to the next world. She made sure none of her loved ones would suffer.

Chan Young opted out of the treatment as she would have been bedridden until the day she died. For someone like Chan Young, even two days in bed at home was depressing. Instead, she counted her days and freely enjoyed her remaining life. She lived a shorter life than most people, but as she said, her life was worth living. It is not the number of years that counts; it was the number of moments that made her happy to be alive, and she had many of those moments. She lived for a short period of time, but the quality was high. She had two best friends for 20 years who still remember her and a man who loved her so much he devoted his whole life to her, knowing that she would soon die. Chan Young left the world at just ‘Thirty Nine’, but it was a happy ending. She left, happily enjoying her life and leaving behind happy memories for her loved ones.

“Thirty Nine” is a 2022 family drama series written by Young Ah Yoo.


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