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As the seasons begin to change, our face and hands will continue to be exposed to drying conditions like exposure to wind and sun, so it’s important to protect them, especially when coming out of the weather. harsh winter conditions.

A licensed cosmetologist and beauty expert, Naeemah Johnson knows a thing or two about maintaining healthy skin.

“As a young girl, I suffered from rashes and uneven skin tones due to eczema,” Johnson said. “I’ve always been a skincare junkie, trying tons of products to lighten my skin. I’ve tried everything from Noxzema to Shea Butter.

Motivated to heal her own skin, Johnson spent a lot of time researching methods and remedies to improve skin and worked with a systems company to produce her own products using key ingredients like vitamin B5, oil of marula, coconut oil, biotin and collagen. . The NBeauty skincare range includes products that cleanse and moisturize the skin and are designed to combat dryness.

Johnson said: “Now, as an adult, I realized I needed to upgrade my skincare regimen and ditch the drugstore brands. The Nbeauty Advanced Skin Care line is all about that natural glow. It will treat uneven skin tone, rashes and aging skin issues.

“The best thing you can do for your skin is to avoid products that dry out the skin, and that may sound corny, but drink plenty of water.”

Johnson’s Salon and Spa, NBeauty Inc. has locations in Ardmore and Philadelphia, serving the community for over 20 years. During the pandemic, Johnson has expanded its services to include non-invasive treatments and enhanced its premium skin and hair care collections so customers can take the NBeauty experience home.

Johnson said: “The big change in my eczema cure was actually not stressful about it. I researched and added natural ingredients that would lighten my skin and it worked. I think the stress made my eczema worse.

“The rule of thumb is to be consistent in your skincare routine. Put the products in front of you. I keep my cleanser in my shower and the other products right next to the toothpaste.

To learn more about skincare or the NBeauty Salon and Spa, visit nbeautyinc.com.


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