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Makeup has always been gender neutral, but it was never really touted as something for men. It’s not uncommon for guys to feel a bit judged while walking the aisles of Sephora or Ulta. Tribe Cosmetics aims to change all of that.

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Matthew Rodrigues and Pergrin Pervez co-founded Tribe Cosmetics to create a line of products for men. Rodrigues and Pervez spoke to In The Know to join forces to address a need they felt other beauty companies weren’t meeting.

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Before Tribe Cosmetics, the two men had known each other for years. They were eager to start a business together. Both had tons of ideas, but neither seemed to be the right one – until Pervez had a pimple.

“One day I had a meeting, but I had a pimple that I wanted to cover. So we entered Sephora. We looked around and around. All the advertising was aimed at women, ”Pervez explains. “So the question came up, which of these women looks like me? ”

Pervez was not seen in any of the Sephora models. It was then that the duo’s idea for Tribe Cosmetics emerged.

“We thought it would be a good idea to start a business that would standardize the use of makeup for men,” Pervez said. “We would give men role models of what they can aspire to and what makeup can do for them, in terms of improving their confidence.”

The idea was to tackle three major issues that men face – the kinds of things you wouldn’t see targeted in women’s cosmetics.

“One, we have a moisturizer. It is for dry skin to fight against aging, wrinkles. Second step, we have a concealer, ”says Rodrigues. “It’s called a Skin Fix. So it’s basically a concealer that you can put as a spot treatment. [or] all over the face according to your needs, according to your preferences. Third step, we have a Beard Fix. It is to fill in the spots, spotty beard if you cannot grow a full beard. You can also use it to give you fuller eyebrows or even to repair a receding hairline.

Despite having a great line of cruelty-free products, Tribe Cosmetics still faces some hurdles. Men are not exactly socialized to adopt beauty products. While the founders swear that every man has probably borrowed concealer from a family member or girlfriend, it’s still not something men want to spread.

“Men are embarrassed when it comes to buying makeup,” says Rodrigues. “As a guy walking into a Sephora – and I speak from personal experience – you walk the aisles very casually. You act like it’s a gift for your mom, sister, girlfriend.

Tribe Cosmetics educates the market and disseminates positive images of men wearing makeup to show that there is no shame in playing.

“I think we did a lot of pulling,” Pervez says. “People of different ages have contacted us, telling us how this product has helped them improve their lives, totally not everything we expected, something sincere like that. “

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