What happened to the cast of Major Dad?


Gerald “Mac” McRaney first thrilled audiences with his performance as Rick Simon on the popular detective series “Simon & Simon,” opposite Jameson Parker from 1981 to 1989. Prior to his success, the Mississippi native worked as an assistant stage manager for a new repertoire company in Orleans for $125 a week. Eventually the site closed and McRaney, after a slight detour to Louisiana where he appeared in low-budget roles, moved to Hollywood and worked as a taxi driver to support his family and his dream of actor.

Eventually, he landed his first big role on an episode of “Night Gallery,” then worked his way through shows like “The Rockford Files” and “Gunsmoke” before his breakout gig on “Simon & Simon”. This success led to TV movies such as “City Killer,” “Easy Prey” and “Where the Hell’s That Gold?”, not to mention his turn in Wolfgang Petersen’s popular 1984 fantasy film, “The NeverEnding Story.” in which he appears as the main protagonist’s father.

Since his role as the tough and straight-laced “Major Dad,” Gerald has continually found himself slipping into the shoes of characters with military backgrounds. “I’m actually kind of shocked by this because I’m not a veteran,” McRaney told UPI in 2021. “The closest I ever got was ROTC in college.”

McRaney, who is currently married to former ‘Designing Women’ actress Delta Burke, spent time on the big screen in films such as ‘The A-Team’ and ‘Red Tails’ but has since moved into character mode. – actor in popular shows such as “Longmire”, “Castle”, “24: Legacy”, “House of Cards” and “This is Us”, for which he won an Emmy as Dr. Nathan Katowski; and “NCIS: Los Angeles,” on which he plays retired Navy Admiral Hollace Kilbride.

In 2004, McRaney was hit with lung cancer but, by sheer luck, managed to catch the problem before it turned into something more serious. “I was so lucky,” he told SurvivorNet in 2021. “If something is going to happen like this, the way it happened to me was lucky.”


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