Who is Jennifer Couture? Video of ‘Karen’ in Florida goes viral after alleged assault


TikTok: Who is Jennifer Couture? Video of ‘Karen’ in Florida goes viral after alleged assault: A lady from Fort Myers who goes by the name Jennifer Couture, has left social media users shocked after she tried to run over a pedestrian in her car following a random verbal rivalry between the two. The moment was captured on camera and went viral on social media. In the Tiktok video, the lady can be seen walking towards another car and attacking or verbally insulting the owner before trying to snatch her phone away. She could then be seen attempting to hit the girl with her car inside the parking lot. Follow more updates at GetIndiaNews.com

Who is Jennifer Couture?

As the moment went viral on the internet, Twitter user @thatdaneshguy recognized the lady as Couture and mentioned that her wild behavior should be reported to law enforcement. The user claimed that she made 2 attempts to run over the girl and her stupid actions were caught on surveillance video at a nearby Dunkin’s Donuts store. He also suggested she could be charged with ‘assault with a deadly and dangerous weapon’.

Jennifer Couture’s video explained

Jennifer Couture has been recognized as the woman who recently went viral on TikTok after attempting to run over a pedestrian. She is reportedly a salon expert and hairstylist who resides in Myers, Florida. The woman was rumored to work at Sola Salon Studios in Naples, but the company dismissed claims that Couture worked at the salon. According to the Linkedin profile, Couture is associated with Bella Hair Studio.


Jennifer Couture will catch charges

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Jennifer Couture: Age and Instagram

Meanwhile, Twitter user @thatdaneshguy revealed the lady was linked to Garramone Plastic Surgery and worked as an operations manager at the facility. After the reveal, many consumers called Couture while reviewing the company. In that response, Dr. Ralph R. Garramone called out social media users for giving negative reviews of his company for their “personal family issues” with Couture.

Jennifer Couture’s TikTok video explained

The lady has also been referred to as ‘Karen’ on social media and is currently facing a lot of backlash online for her bizarre and controversial behavior. After watching this, Couture reportedly deleted all of her social media channels following the incident. Although it remains to be seen if she will face any legal issues for her actions.


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