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Bria Brooks had tried everything to relieve her young daughter’s eczema. Creams, ointments – none of these worked.

“We just walked into the kitchen and thought, find something natural. We started doing a lot of research and then we found a moisturizer,” said Brooks, owner of Zillions & Co. “And So that’s the moisturizer that we started using for my daughter, that’s what cured her eczema. “

What started in Brooks’ kitchen in 2017 has grown into a full-fledged business in 2020 – Zillions & Co.

“And we just kept growing from there. We walked into other shows, we started moving forward, and then we landed our deal at Meijer in Detroit,” Brooks said.

You can find Zillions & Co. products on the shelves of local Saginaw shows like Salon 2000.

There is an all-natural moisturizer, hair serum, and hand sanitizer.

“I would say it’s a little unreal, sometimes we have to pinch ourselves a little bit, but we’re really grateful for that,” Brooks said. “This is something we couldn’t have imagined. Especially knowing that we just started this just to cure my daughter’s eczema and just to see our business grow, it’s pretty amazing.”

And days like Small Business Saturday mean a lot more to homeowners like Brooks, who is reinvesting in the neighborhood.

“Small businesses are community based. We’re all about the community. We’re definitely about the Saginaw community because that’s where our head office is, that’s where we grow and that’s where the heart of the city is for us, ”he said. she declared. noted.

Brooks said stay tuned – they have more products, including Natural Rub – coming out next year.


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