Who is Teen Mom star Jade Cline?


TEEN Mom 2 star Jade Cline has spoken over the years about her relationship with Sean Austin and her journey to feeling empowered in her own body.

Cline debuted on Teen Mom 2 at the start of season nine in 2019.


Jade Cline is on Teen Mom 2

Who is Jade Cline?

Jade Cline is known for her role on the reality show Teen Mom 2, but made her debut at age 19 on Young and Pregnant.

She welcomed her daughter, Kloie Kenna Austin, with her recurring boyfriend, Sean Austin.

The Teen Mom 2 alum is an entrepreneur and has worked tirelessly to open her own hair studio, Mane&Marble Studio, in Greenwood, Indiana.

Construction began in September 2021 and in December of the same year, Cline announced that the grand opening would take place on New Years.

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She captioned a post from the studio on Instagram, saying, “THE TIME IS FINALLY HERE! I am so lucky to start my new year by opening my new salon!”

Her salon is now open, and according to her site, she has a beauty technician working with her.

Mane & Marble Studios takes appointments and clients can book Cline for wax, makeup or hair treatments.

Is Jade Cline in a relationship?

Cline has been in and out of a relationship with her daughter’s father, Sean Austin, and although he proposed during a episode of Teen Mom 2, the couple is not married.

After the proposal, Cline said she wasn’t ready to be engaged, nor did she believe Austin was ready.

Showing the engagement ring to Cline’s friend, Austin said it was 3 carats, to which Cline replied, “It’s an expensive promise ring**.”

The couple are said to still be together after Austin spent several months in rehab for his drug addiction.

Cline announced on Teen Mom: Family Reunion in January 2022, that Austin had gone to rehab for his drug addiction, but after spending four months there, he is now a new person.

“This is the first time anyone knows Sean is going to rehab,” she wrote, confessing that during filming, Sean was across the country in “intense” rehab.

“It was so hard to do it all but I knew I had to take care of everything so he could get better. Sobriety is hard but he pulled it off,” Cline wrote in an Instagram post.

She added: “He didn’t just want addiction help, he wanted mental help. He had a lot of repressed things and he was in pain.”

“He received so much counseling and therapy that got to the root of his addiction issues.

“He’s doing great and that’s proof that people can change.”

Jade Cline and Sean Austin would still be together


Jade Cline and Sean Austin would still be togetherCredit: Stormi Rose Photography

Has Jade Cline had plastic surgery?

Jade Cline advanced through plastic surgery when she had a Brazilian butt lift in January 2021 and has continuously shared her journey on social media and on Teen Mom 2.

In an Instagram post, Cline said, “10 days after surgery. I still have a lot of [bruising] and swelling. I have a lot of healing to do, but I like the way I look so far.”

She said she had been considering having a butt lift for a while and the time seemed right.

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“I saw so many people I knew who had BBLs, and I was so impressed and amazed by their body shape,” she explained on her podcast, Jay & Kay Unfiltered.

“It was 10 times worse than giving birth. Everyone is different, but I know my body definitely struggled to recover.”

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