How to turn your garden into a spa for the day


There’s nothing quite like a spa getaway, but even people with dedicated self-care rituals fail to do it very often.

But what if you had everything you need in your back yard? Mark a date in your calendar for a spa and a stay at home. It’s easy when you know how …

1. Consider a hot tub

We know. Spas are the subject of a great debate. Are they a wonderful luxury or an attention grabber belonging to couples who have pampas grass in their front garden? The answer is what you make of it, but if we had planned a spa day, relaxing in a hot bubble pool would do wonders.

There are many varieties to choose from, whether you go for a wooden frame or take advantage of the many affordable inflation options. And if all else fails, there’s always the paddling pool.

2. Invest in lounge chairs

Lounging is an absolute necessity at the spa. You can’t just sit down, you have to stretch. This is another garden kit item that can get pretty expensive. We like Home baseFolding rattan lounge chair in gray, £ 200.

3. Adopt beauty rituals

When the spa is to come to you, you need a range of skin care products to prep, smooth, and perfect. We recommend that you keep life simple and go for masks.

Sheet face masks cause no mess, are very easy to use and are suitable for all budgets. Try Face Facts Refreshing Pineapple or Strawberry Sheet Masks for just £ 1 each at B&M, or push the boat with Temple SpaThe Contourist Firming and Brightening Sheet Masks, £ 50 for six. A refreshing spritz is always good to have on hand, and you can apply coconut oil in your hair and don a terry towel for a transformative solution.

4. Play relaxing music

Music definitely has the power to force you to relax. Listen to relaxing tunes or choose a spa-themed playlist on Spotify, close your eyes and go adrift. And if you’re struggling to switch off at home, our top tip is a Spacemask Self-Heating Eye Mask, £ 15 for five, from Feel unique – you just need to open one, place it over your eyes and wrap it around your ears. As the eye mask gently warms up, your shoulders are guaranteed to drop. They are pure paradise.

Shop house and garden BRIQ have a selection of egg chairs for sale. From standard single-seat egg chairs to impressive double seats and even mini versions for kids, they have something for everyone.

We decided to give the Gray Hanging Egg Chair Wicker Hammock Garden Swing Seat which costs £ 369 for a trial and the Double EGG Chair Swing Seat Double 2 seater garden hammock chair at £ 519.

Too, Amazon are among the retailers that offer different styles for all sizes of homes – there are so many to choose from, buyers are spoiled for choice.

And trust us – they’re worth it for a new summer look – read the full review here.

5. Make sure there is enough shade

Every bather needs a bit of shade to hide, especially if the sun decides to show up (one can only hope). If you don’t have a beautiful bushy tree to nest under, an umbrella is your best bet. ManoManoThe Outsunny Garden Umbrella with LED Lights from Outsunny, £ 80.99, will provide shade when you need it, and if day turns into night, LEDs will turn your space into a shimmering sanctuary.

6. Quench your thirst

There are always drinks at the spa, so stock up on herbal teas, whip up a carafe of lemon or cucumber water, and you can even buy ready-made cans. We like Feel goodThe new fruity sparkling water (£ 14.99 for 12, or buy individually from Ocado or Booths), or push the boat with a bottle of champagne. AldiFleurs De Prairie Sparkling Rosé is just £ 6.99 a bottle and divinely delicious. You can even arrange the drinks on a bar or a chic garden cart. B&MThe sleek looking Karina Bailey drinks cart costs just £ 30 and is perfect for holding all your liquid treats.

7. Let the therapist come to you

We all love a spa massage, and the one in your backyard doesn’t have to be any different. Find mobile therapists in your area and book treatment, or use a company like Glo (, who send massage therapists and estheticians to your home for truly indulgent pampering. Book a two-hour rest and relaxation package for £ 150 and choose from a relaxing range of massages, facials, nail treatments and reflexology. Total happiness.


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