Opinion: Make Up Society – The Harms of the Beauty Industry


“If tomorrow women woke up and decided they really loved their bodies, think how many industries would go bankrupt” Dr Gail Dines once said. I still remember reading this quote and thinking about all the celebrities people look up to.

There are fans out there who want to look like these influencers or celebrities (i.e. Kylie Jenner) and instead of loving their bare face, they try to spend their money to look like someone they don’t. are not. Some people might spend thousands of dollars on makeup, but most people don’t have that amount of money. Beginners may have the impulse to buy the cheapest or most beautiful thing they find first without knowing much about the product.

Beauty industries include businesses designed to make people look their best and profit from it. The segments of these include makeup. Luxury companies use advertisers like the label, packaging and perfume.

With these advertisers, harmful or not, they can double or triple the prices of their makeup products, according to a Money crashes article. Because it’s a business, there is a lot of competition over who has the best-selling products. The beauty industry made around $ 50 billion in cosmetics as of 2019, according to Statistical.

People who want to try new maKeup should stop buying products just because the company is famous. Rather, they should be looking for reviews or comments on what the experts / testers have to say about the product you are interested in. Most cosmetics sold to women these days are not regulated by the FDA and can pose long-term risks for many women.

These products consistently lead to negative mental health problems in women. Some people may not be bothered by the production of makeup because it is one of the most important economic stimulants in the world. However, even with so much money, many companies are delivering shoddy products that can pollute our environment for hundreds of years to come.

In conclusion, women should be more careful about the product they decide to use so that it does not affect them and the environment in the long term.

Most cosmetics sold to women these days are not regulated by the FDA and can pose long-term risks for many women. In order for some cosmetics to have more pigmentation, last a long time, or be cheaper to manufacture, some companies use chemicals that are harmful not immediately but after a long period (a few weeks) of use.

Plus, it doesn’t matter how long you use it, but how much you use.

An article on the association Green americaon the site of “Two of the most toxic phthalates, DBP and DEHP, have been banned in cosmetics sold in the European Union (EU) but are still not regulated in the United States, although California has identified DEHP as a potential carcinogen.

Even though the United States makes billions in profits from make-up, kids have always been taught that safety is the number one rule, so why not use it on your citizens? Some products still contain harmful chemicals.

An article on the association Green americaThe site’s reads “Without government investigations into the use of chemicals in cosmetics, recent data is scarce, but [Environmental Working Group] found that black women may be particularly at risk, with a 2016 analysis showing that less than 25% of products marketed for black women contain low levels of potentially harmful chemicals.

Makeup can also make people’s mental health problems worse. People expect too much of themselves, imagining themselves with characteristics that are not part of their genetics. Now, makeup seems to be the key to “confidence” in our society.

A 2012 to study done at the University of New Hampshire has shown that women feel more attractive with makeup than without.

Many people find it necessary to wear makeup at work as if their face is informal and unattractive. It is as if every day we are expected to have perfect red lips and colored eyes.

The UNH study shows that women who wear makeup in six different situations most often choose what they wear most or most likely for work. As if work isn’t stressful enough, people have to worry about how they look or what they have to put on their faces to “fit in” or “look attractive” to the company.

The job should give you confidence, even if you are a model you shouldn’t get depressed by what people say and rush to the store to buy new makeup products, makeup doesn’t define who you are, it’s just a temporary mirage of yourself.

Some people may not mind the production of makeup because it is one of the biggest budget boosters in the world.

According to Statistical, “The US premium beauty industry reached $ 18.8 billion in sales in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, it fell to $ 16.1 billion.”

More money for the United States means more jobs and more makeup demands. Some people create new trends so that the average person spends more money trying to reach the “popular” or “fashionable” level of society, but what has it done for our environment? ?

The 2018 edition of the United Nations Report on the Development of the World’s Water Resources said nearly 6 billion people will suffer from a shortage of drinking water by 2050.

We risk not having pure drinking water in a few decades, so should we not be taking steps to solve this problem anyway? With so much money, shouldn’t makeup companies be making more sustainable products and packaging?

This is not the case in our current world. A common ingredient in makeup products, tItranium dioxide can be found “in skin tones, mineral-based makeup and a wide range of other cosmetics like sunscreens,” according to the Huffington Post. “Experiments have shown that in some shower gels there are actually as many plastic microbeads in the gel as there are plastic in the bottle.”

This shows that even with so much money, many companies are using cheap plastic containers that can be thrown into the ocean and pollute it for hundreds of years. People need to think about the type of packaging they buy and the types of materials used to create the cosmetics they use on a daily basis.

Thus, many people wearing makeup to look good on social networks, at work, at school, etc. could potentially kill marine life, wildlife, and even your loved ones.

In conclusion, most cosmetics sold to women these days are not regulated by the FDA and can pose long-term risks for many women, makeup consistently gives women negative mental health issues, and many companies provide shoddy products that can pollute our environment for hundreds of years to come, which is why people should research makeup products before purchasing them.

That is, if they want to continue to trust the opinion of society. If you are one of those people who does not use makeup for their own curiosity but rather to endure criticism from society, your best bet is to think for yourself and learn to love what society calls “ugly.” Or what other people think should be “insecurities” like dark spots under the eyes caused by insufficient sleep or short eyelashes, because they are written in your genes.

Accepting yourself and building a better future can help you increase your self-esteem, your happiness, and the life of Mother Nature. If you are just starting to put on makeup for fun, it is best for everyone to educate themselves about the products available. This way we will live in a safe environment in the future, and who knows, you might even find your favorite cosmetics online!


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